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CHRISTMAS: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Children 2020

CHRISTMAS: Gift Guide for Children 2020
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The gift options for children are vast and can be overwhelming at times. The television adverts, posters, endless toys in shops etc. all inspire the present possibilities for children. However, actually deciding which ones are worth the money and will be played with for longer than a couple of minutes can be the tricky part as a parent. In this gift guide I have put together a wide range of presents that would suit an array of ages, interests and price points. I do also have a £10 and under stocking fillers gift guide, if you're looking for slightly smaller gifts too. The excitement children have for Christmas is part of the reason it is such a magical time of year, so I always find it really special putting together my children's presents each year. Imaging their excited little faces as they open them is just the best feeling, isn't it?  

Children always seem to need new footwear of some kind, whether it be sandals in the summer, school shoes, party shoes, wellington boots or boots for winter; choosing an extra special pair of shoes or boots that you know they'll love makes for the perfect practical yet thoughtful gift for a child. If there's one present they'll definitely get the most use out of it is going to be boots during the winter months. Chipmunks have an impressive and vast range of footwear for children, which cover all occasions, seasons and ages. Their Raunch Burgundy Boots are made from real leather, have elastic side panels to make them easy to get on and off independently and a chunky non-slip/non-marking sole for added support. These are such a classic boot design and work perfectly for both smart and casual events. Isabella has worn hers for a few months now and they still look brand new. You can also pick up the Raunch Boots in Navy too. Poppy is wearing the Riley Black Boots, which have slightly more detail compared to the Raunch Boots. The brogue detailing is really beautiful and timeless and these boots are also made from real leather, have elastic side panels and non-slip/non-marking soles. The Riley Boots are a unisex design and available in silver, red, navy suede and tan suede
Emotions, wellbeing and self-care is something that is often spoke about in relation to adults, but we need to not forget our children too. After the strange year we've all had taking the time to reflect, concentrate on the positives and simply be happy are just so important. My Happy Journal is a children's positive mindset and activity journal that is briming with things to do, as well as 90 diary entries to complete. The engaging and supportive activities include colouring, yoga moves, games, drawing pictures, challenges and fun facts! Everything needed for children to celebrate the everyday joys and encourage a positive mindset. You can also choose to have some of the most beautiful gift wrapping ever, including star sequins, an inspirational quote card and tissue wrapping paper. Kirsty, the founder and creator of My Happy Journal is also just the nicest, friendliest person and has such an eye for detail, which makes shopping at My Happy Journal an absolute pleasure. 
Telling the time can be such a challenging skill for children to learn, so giving a watch for Christmas is not only a fun accessory but can also help with learning to tell the time. Smiggle have a wide array of watches ranging from digital to analogue, unicorns to basketball and mermaids to leopard print. This Jelly Analogue Watch has a clear single colour display, so is easier to read and is also available in purple. Children will be so proud to show loved ones their new watch, while being able to practice telling the time constantly. 
Lotta and Cheetah 260ml Stainless Steel Bottle (£14.95 each) from Rex London 
Wrapping up all cosy, going for a walk in the crisp winter's air and warming up with hot chocolate is what this season is all about. Rex London have recently launched a 260ml Stainless Steel Bottle range, which are the perfect size for taking warm drinks for children. They aren't too big and therefore very heavy, so can be popped inside your child's backpack or yours and enjoyed when it's so cold your little one needs warming up! The Lotta design has a pretty floral pattern, whilst the Cheetah design is more fun and stylish. The bottles keep drinks cool for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, so are perfect for all year round too.
Almost all children love chocolate, so being able to create their own chocolate Emoji bars could be a dream come true. Inside the pack you'll find enough ingredients to make two chocolate bars, milk, white and dark Belgian chocolate, two activity trays and six stencils to work with. It is such a fun gift for children of all ages (or adults for that matter), as well as being a tasty activity for at home. The chocolate bars you'll create are also gluten-free and vegetarian too. 
Cookie The Cat is a fun character that has a whole collection dedicated to it on Rex London, including hair clips, socks, backpack, paper plates and umbrella to name a few. This Cookie The Cat Makeup Bag is such a versatile gift for children or teenagers, as it can be used as a pencil case, bag to keep treasures safe or for makeup. The soft exterior, fun design and wipeable lining all work together to create a practical makeup bag that looks pretty sitting on the side too. To make this gift extra special you could fill it with the Miko and Friends Rings, which feature four of the popular characters from Rex London, are adjustable and come in a set of four or matching Cookie The Cat Hairclips.
Sylvanian Families are a childhood classic; I remember spending hours and hours playing with my collection as a child, which brought so much joy. There's something so magical about then watching your own children enjoy something from your childhood. Sylvanian Families have come a long way since the nineties, as their collections grow year on year. You can now get families, buildings and accessories across a whole range of themes, including seaside, Halloween, camping, professional, houses, seasonal, treehouses and ballet just to name a few. A new addition for this year is this very stylish retro Family Campervan, which seats up to seven characters and is the perfect addition to any camping adventure. Inside the Family Campervan you'll find: two seats that convert into beds, a baby seat, kitchenette, table, frying pan, corn on the cob, grilled fish, plate, child's mountain bike, baby bicycle, helmet, fishing rod, bucket, fish, binoculars and a rear carrier for the bike. Quite truly everything needed for an adventure outdoors; all you need to add is a Sylvanian Family of your choice. Another new release for this year is the Caramel Dog Family, which are a family of four with a Mummy, Daddy, Girl and Baby. They are all dressed in removeable fabric clothing and come with their own personalities. The Daddy likes birdwatching, the Mummy enjoys hiking, the Girl loves going out and the Baby collects all the acorns. This makes them the ideal family to be paired with the Family Campervan for outdoor exploring!
The world of dolls and accessories is forever changing and capturing the imagination of children. Baby Annabell have just launched their Lunch Time Annabell, which magically eats the 'food' provided and then goes to the 'toilet' in her potty. The colourful food chips have an array of different foods on, such as croissants, rice, pasta and vegetables and can be fed to Baby Annabell using the sheep plate and spoon provided. Inside this set you'll find everything needed to bring Baby Annabell to life, from a potty and plate to a bib and bottle. The stand out features of this doll is that it is so interactive; when you hold the spoon close to her mouth she opens it ready to be fed. Once she's full her mouth will stay shut and she makes happy baby sounds. To make her go to the toilet all your little one needs to do is press Baby Annabell's tummy and out come poop chips into the potty. She also has sleeping eyes that close when you lay her down.
Cooking isn't just a life skill, but it is also relaxing, fun and creates delicious results. Making pasta or gnocchi from scratch really isn't as complicated as it may sound and with this Kid's Pasta Making Kit from Pasta Evangelists you have all of the equipment you need to get cooking fresh pasta. Inside the Kit you'll find: Doppio Zero Pasta Flour 1kg, Italian Salt, Straight Pasta Cutter, Beechwood Rolling Pin, Beechwood Gnocchi Maker, Heart Ravioli Step and instructions on how to make both fresh gnocchi and ravioli. Poppy had a go at making gnocchi from scratch and she had so much fun scooping out the potatoes, mixing in the eggs, rolling the gnocchi on the Beechwood Gnocchi Maker and then eating it all at the end! This is such a lovely gift for anyone who enjoys cooking, wants to learn a new skill or if pasta is their favourite food. 
Talking of learning a new skill, gardening is such a rewarding activity and one that can teach children all about where their food comes from too. Burgon & Ball have the most stunning range of outstanding quality gardening tools for both adults and children alike. Their Children's Digging Spade is a slightly smaller version of their original spade, yet is still perfectly formed and fit for purpose. It is lighter weight for little arms to carry, has a comfortable Y-grip handle crafted from FSC certified hardwood and a polished stainless steel head that is highly resistant to rust and glides easily through soil. Your child can help out in the garden or allotments learning the difference between plants, how to grow their own food and get all muddy in the process!
Bring the deli counter home with this Melissa & Doug Wooden Sandwich Counter Play Set. Children will love taking orders, filling sandwiches, adding accompaniments and serving their 'customers'. This Sandwich Counter is incredibly sturdy and includes a play meat/cheese slicer, felt sandwich roll and toppings, play snacks, salad dressing bottle, cup for the pretend drinks dispenser, tray and play money. Everything needed to bring the sandwich counter to life for children and conveniently all of the 52 pieces store easily within the counter too. It's such a fun play set that will last for years, as children are able to adapt their imaginative play to include writing orders down, taking payments, working out change etc. as they get older. There is also a Wooden Pizza Making Kit and Wooden Ice-Cream Counter within this range. Melissa & Doug have a beautiful range of wooden toys for all ages, so I'd highly recommend seeing their whole range while browsing for gifts this Christmas. 
Bring your child's creativity alive with this Transfer Art DIY Kit from Smiggle. Inside they'll find everything needed to create their own art transfer, which can then be used to decorate notebooks, their body, water bottles etc. It's the perfect way to add their own touch of creativity to their belongs, as well as have fun in the process. The Kit comes with a wide range of ready to use transfers, as well as ones that can be coloured in, letters to spell our phrases or names, gems, glitters, glue and a paintbrush. It is also available in Mid-Blue filled with phrases, dinosaurs, footballs, animals etc. 
The perfect accessory to pair with the Children's Digging Spade is Burgon & Ball's Children's Natural Wooden Trug. The beautifully crafted Trug is made for carrying vegetables/fruit you've grown, weeds to the compost heap, tools to the area of the garden you're working etc. This scaled down version of their adults Trug is made for little hands and isn't too big to be too heavy to carry. It is one of those gardening accessories that is not only really useful, but also beautiful too and can be enjoyed by children of all ages. 
Make bath time extra fun with this Ice-Cream Bubble Machine, which conveniently sticks onto the side of the bath or tiles. Simply add your favourite bubble bath and a splash of water to the machine, pull the lever and let the ice-cream shop open! You can fill the two cones provided with ice-cream bubbles and if their hands are full there is even a cone holder on the side of the machine (which also makes tidying up easier too). This interactive toy encourages pretend play, imagination and motor skills, as well as being such fun and easy to use. 
If you're child is interested by science, experiments and learning new things then what Letterbox Lab has to offer could make the perfect gift for them. Primarily Letterbox Lab have two different monthly science experiment kits, which are The Explore Club (aimed at 6-12 years+) and The Investigate Club (aimed at 8-12 years+). The Explore Club monthly box (from £11.25 per box including postage) has everything you need to perform 3-4 experiments, plus a 12-page colourful booklet, achievement sticker and videos. The Investigate Club is a much larger monthly box (from £22.50 per box including postage), which includes everything you need to perform 6-8 experiments as well as collectable lab equipment, a 24-page colour booklet, achievement badge and online extras. Aside from the monthly boxes, Letterbox Lab also have One-Off Explore or Investigate Boxes that are ideal for gift giving this Christmas. Each box has a theme with Investigate Boxes costing £25 each and the Explore Boxes costing £12 each you can really tailor the gift to appeal to the age and interests of the lucky recipient. Some of the themes available in the Explore Boxes are: Your Place In Space, Engineer the Future, Keep It Secret, Slimes and Swirls, Science Sorcery and Go with the Glow to name a few. They are such a fun way to capture children's imagination, support them in learning all about different aspects of science and keep them entertained too. 
Lego has been a popular gift for children for decades and it is always such an inspired gift to give children at Christmas because it keeps them entertained and focused for what can be hours. PoundToy have an ever changing range of Lego sets and books that are all at really affordable prices for Lego products. It is worth keeping an eye out at the Lego section on their website because the stock changes often, so you never know what bargains can be had. This The Lego Movie 2 Unikitty's Sweetest Friends set includes all the bricks and accessories needed to make the Unikitty, ice-cream and an ice-cream cart. It's a fun addition to an existing Lego collection or anyone who really loved the movie.
Create your own glowing race track with this 212 piece DIY Fluroescent Race Track set from PoundToy. Your little one can spend time building the colourful track they want and then watch the car race around the track at top speed. The set includes 6 red tracks, 6 green tracks, 6 blue tracks, 6 yellow tracks, 6 arches, 4 ramps and 1 car. The tracks can twist and turn in any direction, so you really can create your dream track! For an added touch of fun the track glows in the dark, bringing it to life at night time or when it's dark. 
Festive bedding is a must on the run up to Christmas and Bloomsbury Mill have this fun design that will bring the festive cheer to your child's bedroom. This vibrant Winter Wonderland Duvet Set is available in either cot bed, single or double and is crafted from an easy-care cotton-blend. This makes the bedding super soft, durable, quick drying and requires minimal ironing; a winning combination! The vibrant design features snowmen, Father Christmas, Christmas trees, elves with candy canes, gingerbread houses and reindeer, so no exciting aspects of the festive period are missed out. 
Frozen II Playset (£24.99) from Aquabeads 
Aquabeads are revolutionary and offer endless fun for children four years and older. If you're not familiar with Aquabeads then they are little beads in various colours/finishes that you can put together on a special tray to create an image, spray it with water, let it dry and the beads magically stick together to reveal your image! Isabella spends so long delicately placing the beads to either create an image from an Aquabead's template or to do her own thing. Either way she has such fun and the pride when it is ready shows all over her face. Aquabeads have released this incredible Frozen II Playset, which comes with 1000 beads, templates for Frozen II characters, a board, bead case and sprayer. That's everything you'll need to get making, so is ideal for someone who doesn't have any Aquabeads yet or a big Frozen II fan. 
OKIDO is an inspiring children's magazine aimed at 3-7 years that's philosophy is that every child is a creative scientist. The world of OKIDO immerses children into a spectrum of engaging activities and media, all of which has been designed by science and education experts. The OKIDO website is filled with incredible free resources, a variety of bundles, subscription options and a TV comedy adventure series too. Their Christmas Subscription Bundle is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, as it includes six monthly OKIDO magazines (there is an option to have one year for an additional cost too) in Christmas packaging, a Messy Monster card with personalised message and a FREE giant wall-hanging colouring poster. The first magazine is sent out in December, so your little one has something to open on Christmas Day and then subsequent issues are sent out during the first week of every month. OKIDO is the perfect gift to encourage STEAM learning for 3-7 year old's, is full of storytelling and characters, is eco-friendly (biodegradable, uses vegetable inks in printing, FSC certified paper and absolutely no plastic...ever!), editied by a PhD Scientist and each magazine has 46 jam packed pages with a fold-out back cover. 
The Geomag Classic Building Set is the perfect beginners kit to the incredible world of Geomag, as it contains 64 colourful pieces that can be connected to make almost anything! Discover and test your child's creativity with the use of magnets, science and engineering. Both of these sets are part of the completed updated Geomag range, which has a wider range of colours, new box design and colourful base platforms that help to make your structures even more stable.  The Geomag 262 Classic Building Set is recommended for three years plus, but if your child is slightly older then the Geomag Gravitiy Mechanics Challenges Strikes Building Set could be the one for them. It is aimed at seven years plus and takes the world of Geomag to a whole new level. There are 185 pieces that make the manual skill game that rewards timing and hand-eye coordination. Once the structure is built you can either play by yourself or compete against others, which makes it the ideal gift for siblings. There is a wide range of other challenges available from Geomag, so you can choose one that matches your child's interests.
I have a range of gift guides for this festive season, including Toddlers, Children £10 and Under, Grown UpsGrown Ups £20 and Under and an Advent Calendar Guide for the Whole Family if you're in need of some more inspiration.

What was your favourite gift when you were a child?

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