Friday 4 January 2013

Are £1 Nail Caviar's just as good as other Nail Caviar's?

I am loving the current trend for nail art, I'm enjoying experimenting with different nail varnishes and patterns, although I need to practise my 'steady' hand!

I saw this Nail Caviar set in Poundland of all places! It was £1 (obviously!) and has a small pot of dark blue nail varnish and small pot of matching blue nail caviar. Some of the packs in Poundland didn't have one pot of each, for some reason they had two nail varnishes even though they were in the exact packaging below, so make sure to check :)

I used the nail varnish in the pack, which was quite watery but that's what I expected from such a cheap nail varnish. Having said that, after 2 coats it was a lovely deep blue colour. I let the two coats dry and then put a thick coat on my fourth finger, quickly poured the nail caviar over that nail (always do this over a dish, an old ice cream tub works well, so that you can collect any stray caviar). As the caviar is kept in a nail varnish pot, they come out very quickly, which is a slight negative of this product.

I wanted to compare this product to another nail caviar product available on the high street, I also had the MUA Nail Constellations from Superdrug, which was still only £3! But doesn't come with any nail varnish.

I tried out the MUA Nail Constellations with L'Oreal 205 Nail Varnish (I got free using the L'Oreal Insider coupons, see post here), which is a rose colour, as the constellations are a light pink, green, peach colours.

I painted my nails with the L'Oreal nail varnish and let it dry and then painted my fourth finger with the nail varnish again and straight away poured the MUA nail consellations over the nail. Gently pat the little balls down and let dry, I have painted over clear nail varnish over in the past and this helps them to last but the colour on the little balls gets lost as soon as the nail varnish is in contact. Here's the finished effect:

As you can see, other than colour, there isn't much difference between these two products despite the MUA being 3 times more expensive! I would highly recommend the Poundland £1 Nail Caviar, it is so similar to other more expensive products on the market!

Have you tried Nail Caviar?


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