Wednesday 6 February 2013

NEW Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan Review

Recently I won a competition on Facebook from an Irish Pharmacy company, the prize was a bottle of Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan! I do fake tan every now and again but had never heard of Cocoa Brown, so was intrigued about what made this fake tan different. Currently it is only easily available in Ireland, as it is an up and coming company, but can be ordered off Irish websites (for example,, or

Here's how Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan is described on

'Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 HOUR TAN is a revolutionary, express, self-tan mousse that develops into a beautiful, natural-looking tan in just 1 hour! Easy to apply this first-of-a-kind formulation combines hi tech accelerating agents, which are activated upon contact with skin and speed up the tan’s absorption and development, to deliver a rich, cocoa brown tan.

After just one hour, Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter -1 Hour Tan can be rinsed off and the tan will continue to develop for up to three hours, giving a gorgeous authentic, golden-brown tan lasting up to 5 days. If you prefer a deeper, darker cocoa brown coloured tan you can leave the product on your skin for up to three hours and then shower.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 HOUR TAN does not leave the ‘biscuit smell’ associated with traditional fake tan. This smell results from DHA (the active tanning agent in tan) coming into contact with air on the surface layers of the skin. The accelerating ingredients in Cocoa Brown carry the product into the skin, so no DHA is left to linger on the skin’s surface and therefore there is no tell-tale smell. It contains natural extracts of the deliciously scented Tahitian Gardinia, which leaves a subtle floral fragrance on the skin.

Cocoa Brown was formulated with all skin types in mind but particularly dry/sensitive skin and contains the highest grade vegetable derived DHA (tanning agent) not the synthetically produced kind.

Finally, you’ll notice that Cocoa Brown’s luxurious formula on application, glides over your skin. The mousse is light-weight, fast drying, non sticky and gives streak free results that last for days.'

So I thought I would try out this 1 hour fake tan and see if it lives up to these big claims.

Firstly, I think the bottle design is appealing, it would defiantly stand out on a shop shelf with the bright pink and clear '1 Hour Tan' label.

The smell is very floral, nothing like the expected 'biscuit' aroma. To me the smell reminds me of hair mousse, defiantly more appealing. The mousse tan dispenses very similar to a hair mousse too, it has a colour guide to help applying. I find this invaluable, I have tried many fake tans that don't have a colour guide and ALWAYS end up with streaks! The tan glides on smoothly and soaks in quickly, no standing like a robot for ages! Yay! :)

This is the difference between my legs straight after application, the left one has had one application of the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan and my right leg is (very pale!) natural.

This is the result after exactly 1 hour..

As you can see my left leg has an even tan, which has developed quickly! This makes this a great product for last minute tanning, as well as perfect for everyday wear. In Ireland Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan retails for only €7.99! You can buy it from for €7.99 with €3.50 p+p from the UK. It is also currently £14.99 on and about £10 on eBay.

For more information check out the Cocoa Brown website here. They're also on Facebook and Twitter!

Have you seen or heard of Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan?

What do you think?

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  1. The tan turned out rather well! I am so pale, and have never had much luck with fake tans. xxx

  2. This product looks amazing! I'm so pale that even the slightest hint of fake tan sends me into a streaky skin overload! xx

  3. Wow this looks great would love to try this!.

    Got a GIVEAWAY running on my blog if you would like to enter.


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