Friday, 12 July 2013

Beever Hair Products ♥

I recently bought these new Beever Hair products to try out. Beever is a hair product company run by real hairdressers, this allows them to use their experience to create hair products that make our hair look the best it can be! Perfect, right?! I decided to buy the Rich Repair Shampoo (£11.95), it's aimed at dry and damaged hair (and coloured hair but as I don't dye my hair that wasn't a reason why I chose it). After many years of scorching my hair with 200'C straighteners my hair defiantly needs as much moisture as possible. To support the Rich Repair Shampoo I also bought the Rich Repair Conditioner (£11.95) and finally the Rich Repair Mask (£12.95) for those extra special pamper sessions. They all smelt amazing, not your typical 'floral' or 'fruity' scents, which was a refreshing change. I've been washing my hair in a slightly different way for a couple of weeks now and I've defiantly noticed a difference, instead of putting the shampoo all over my hair and lathering it up, I only massage it into my roots. Rinse, then only massage the conditioner into the ends of my hair. Prior to this slight change my hair had started to feel greasy at the roots after just one day, so after talking to some of my friends they recommended washing my hair this way. Honestly, if you've not tried it, you should!
Anyway back to the Beever hair product, after washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner I noticed that my hair had that 'soft' and 'glossy' feeling while it was still wet. I then towel dried my hair and applied the Rich Repair Mask, leaving it on for 20 minutes. After rinsing my hair a final time and blow drying it, I was very pleased with the results! My hair felt so soft and smelt lovely, it's always a problem when your hair feels nice - you can't stop 'playing' with it, so it gets greasier quicker. But I was actually quite impressed at how my hair didn't start to look greasy! 
I also have my eye on the Beever Argan Recovery Oil to try out, as I've heard such brilliant reviews about it!
They have such a wide range of products to suit all hair types - you can buy Beever Hair products from their website -,, and many other online retailers. Go check out their website! :)

Have you tried Beever Hair Products?


  1. I'll have to check it out, but I am currently using the argan oil. It really does the trick. Plus you should try to get their argan oil for after a shower, it won't make your hair greasy at all. You pump a bit out and comb it through your hair to get it softer and a lot less frizzy. I use all of that stuff and it’s awesome since I have the frizziest hair you can imagine

  2. This is fab news about our products😄. I'm a consultant if ever you need to get back into the Beever Way as I have just noticed the date on the blog😂😂

  3. I would love to find some new fantastic hair care products " .thank you to find something new one I love it...


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