Wednesday 17 July 2013

Cotton and Cable - Colourful String Lights...

Aren't fairy lights or string lights just the prettiest addition to any room?! I have fairy lights of varying styles ALL over my house - around photo frames, windows, intertwined on my bed headboard, outside on the garden fence and in big glass vases! They are all so similar though and I thought recently that I've gone overboard on the 'typical' style fairy light. As we are getting married in a Tipi I can envisage there being lots of twinkling fairy lights everywhere, they set such a lovely atmosphere. But as it's a wedding I really want something more special and unique, so after searching on the Internet I found this amazing company called Cable & Cotton!

They stock such BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE string lights that are perfect for any occasion! The colourful string lights come in sets of 20 bulbs (length of lamps 140cm) or 35 bulbs (length of lamps 240cm), with both sizes complete with an additional 150cm length of cable between the plug and first lamp. Making them usable in almost any location, they'd look perfect in a huge glass vase or hung around a large frame.

The design is so unique...

'The handicraft method of wrapping thread around a balloon, with a special mix including natural gum, and then leaving them to dry before removing the balloon gives every ball a beautiful unique quality. See this video to get an idea of the process.
An added advantage to our string lights is that if one bulb fuses, the remaining lights stay lit, making it quick and easy to locate and change it with one of the provided replacement bulbs.'
You can either pick your own colours or opt for a pre selected combination, it depends on the feel/look you are trying to achieve! The pre-selected range include brighter colours and more subtle, all with brilliant names! They are £22.95 for 20 colours. 
Here's just a small selection...
You can see how beautiful they are and the best thing is, unlike 'typical' fairy lights, these look pretty when they aren't lit up too!
If you'd prefer to 'Pick Your Own' colours, then it's still £22.95, which is amazing as when you want something personalised normally it costs a lot more! There are over 35 different colours to choose from, so the world really is your oyster.
You can see their full range on their website here, go and have a browse - honestly you'll fall in love!
Cable & Cotton kindly offered to send me a 20 colour string light, I chose the 'Rainbow Drops' colour combination from the pre-selected range. The packaging they came in was so stylish, which instantly made me think they would be a lovely present for a very lucky someone! The light given off relates to the colour of the cotton ball, the combination of the white, teal, purple, light green and pink in the Rainbow Drops is beautiful and really brightens any room!

What do you think?



  1. This looks really really cool! Much more unique than the usual fairy lights! Rainbow drops is my fave, lots of pretty colours! x

  2. OOOh i love. the marshmallow ones are my fav love the soft colours :-)


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