Saturday 20 July 2013

Peony & Lace ♥

As a lot of my readers will know, I'm getting married next year! The whole wedding planning process is so exciting but also slightly over whelming. As I started to research companies and the array products that are out there, I soon realised that it's very time consuming finding companies who sell unique wedding products!
During these late night searches I came across a lovely wedding company called Peony & Lace! I actually found them through the Twitter #weddinghour chat, which happens on a Wednesday between 9-10pm. 
Peony & Lace is a small business based in Oxfordshire and are 'a boutique business specialising in the hire of vintage and unique accessories and decorations for weddings or events'. The owner was a bride herself and decided to design her own wedding stationary due to the extortionate prices some companies charge for a personalised set of invitations, RSVP's, thank you cards etc. So she decided to set up Peony & Lace, offering other bride's and groom's a personal and friendly service with high quality products! If your aiming to create a vintage style wedding, like we are, then Peony & Lace are perfect for you!

Here's an examples of a lovely vintage item they have available to hire...

This typewriter is a prop - you could use it as part of a decorated table plan or next to a guest book to add that vintage feel. Hiring is a brilliant way of cutting costs too!

Peony & Lace also offer a range of 9 personalised wedding stationary designs, which follow the vintage theme (a style I love!). To view the whole range of cute vintage style invitations and details please click here.

What do you think?

Aren't they cute?

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  1. These look lovely what a great company, if I ever get married I will have to try and remember them! xx

  2. Yes,! I love that range too - so perfect for a vintage style wedding :)

    Helen x


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