Monday 19 August 2013

A Life Changing Holiday in St Ives ♥

May 2013 was the month something happened that I had wanted to happen all my life - the person I love got down on one knee and PROPOSED!!

 It all started when Tom arrived at my work on Friday afternoon asking if I wanted to go on an adventure...errmm YES!
It was the May Bank Holiday weekend (3rd-6th May), so it was really busy on the roads. I had no idea where we were going, I was constantly guessing but my general lack of geographical knowledge meant once we had passed signs to Wales I wasn't sure where we were! After a mere 7 hour drive we arrived at our destination - a very dark St Ives! I was so excited for our little adventure and boy was it an adventure to get to our accommodation. You had to park the car at the top of a hill and walk down little coastal paths, over a railway track and down a steep hill to get to it! I could hear the waves but couldn't see the sea, which was slightly disconcerting! When we arrived at 'The Cabin' I was completely taken aback, a little cabin perched on the side of a hill, over looking the prettiest beach I have EVER seen! I was blown away and little did I know what was to come...

If you've not been lucky enough to visit St. Ives I'd defiantly recommend it, it's stunning! There are a lot of art galleries, cute vintage style shops (my favourite!), little tea rooms and plenty of scones with real clotted cream - yummy! The only slight downfall (but is good for getting fit) is that the majority of the parking is at the top of a relatively steep hill - ok when your walking down to St. Ives but after ice-creams, Cornish pasties and cream teas, the walk up can be quite a struggle!

We spent Saturday and Sunday walking around St. Ives, enjoying the glorious weather, ice-creams, Cornish pasties and the sand between our toes.

We woke up early on Bank Holiday Monday, I made a cup of tea and had a shower - normal start to the day, right? While I was in the shower Tom had made breakfast and set the table on the balcony looking over the sunrise on the beach. We started having breakfast, we were chatting away about how stunning The Cabin was and how we were going to miss it. I was looking at the beautiful view, turned around to face Tom and he was on one knee!!! He said some lovely words (both of us can't remember what now though!) and opened this little black box - inside was THE prettiest ring I've ever seen! As we were on the balcony, there were slits in the floor, so we were nervous about getting the ring from the box to my finger safely - but it went smoothly and fit perfectly :) From that point I think I only saw my ring and Tom for the rest of the day - I really was so happy!

This was the view from our Cabin, moments after this photo was taken Tom got down on one knee and proposed to me! Making my dreams come true and for that moment I'm sure I was the happiest person alive!


We went to an amazingly tasty rustic burger restaurant in St Ives called blas burgerworks - you sit on big shared tables, on up-turned containers and have these GINORMOUS burgers!
(I think they could have made my burger a bit bigger - don't you?!)

So there you have it, my favourite holiday where my dreams came true and I became someones 'fiancée' :)
This is my entry for the 'Holiday Postcards' Competition by Travel Supermarket's - for details click here.
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  1. This sounds like the most perfect proposal and so lovely that he surprised you with a little St Ives adventure for it! How lovely!

    Sophs xx
    The Sopho Diaries

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  3. What a lovely proposal! I love reading how people got engaged. This is very romantic! Xx

  4. Aw I love this, actually just put mine up too. It's gorgeous and I love the photos. Good luck :) xx


  5. This was such a lovely post to read, what a gorgeous place to do so too! I'd love to go to St Ives, and I'm sure it will remain a special place in your hearts forever! x

    The Little Things


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