Wednesday 14 August 2013

I have a confession...

I have a confession.....
I love to keep everything and anything, after all I may need them again one day, right?! If your not a hoarder you simply won't understand, it's a hoarder 'thing'. Tom (who I live with) is the complete opposite (opposite's attract and all that) he is a 'neat freak' - everything has a place and if it's not been used for a couple of days it will be thrown away! As a hoarder I don't understand this...there will often be things he's thrown away and then needed later on (admittedly a long time after throwing it away originally, but still!), so he's had to go and buy it again. Now, personally I don't think that's a good attitude, if the world adopted that attitude there would be more rubbish, more landfills, more wasting of precious money etc. However if every adopted my attitude of hoarding we'd never have to panic if we lost our foundation, likeliness is you have another one somewhere, there'd be no last minute holiday panic when you can't find your sun cream - there will be a 50+ factor from 1995 lying around! On the other hand there would be limited space, we would all need to live in bigger houses but we'd be able to afford it because within all the 'stuff' you've hoarded there WILL be something worth a couple of pennies - perhaps 'that' porcelain statue of a dog you found at a car boot sale or a (nearly) brand new toy from pre-2000 that would be a collectors dream. In my eyes - there would always be a way around the issues of hoarding.
When me and Tom moved in together I had a car FULL of 'stuff', when Tom turned up with one neat box I was confused. Where was his 'stuff'? - I say 'stuff' because it is just 'stuff', things you need now and again that make up who you are. After 2 years of living together (and me constantly feeding him hoarder thoughts!) my 'stuff' still takes up most of the space in our house. Well actually it's our 'stuff' now, things we've bought together or been given as presents. Hearts are prominent in every room in our house, hanging hearts, heart candles, heart shaped slate, heart wooden chopping board, heart photo frame - I love every single one. Not because we're a particularly 'lovey dovey' couple but because people have given them to US, not Tom or me - US! The only thing Tom beats me on is the size of his wardrobe - it's ridiculous! He has a lot more space than me and it's always expanding.
Part of the reason I hoard is because I'm sentimental, I love it when an object, smell or photo reminds you of a special memory. Don't you? I still have birthday cards from when I was 5 years old (a grand 18 years ago now), work from when I was in Year 4 at Primary School, Now 50 CD from 2001, ALL of my Spice Girls/S Club 7 memorabilia (so I can grace my children with their amazing tunes and show them Miami 7, LA 7 and Hollywood 7 - please tell me you remember these?), my almost retro Furby/Poochi/Tamagotchi/Pig that walked and oinked - all of these are memories I probably wouldn't remember if I hadn't kept them! I'm so forgetful, I need these things to keep these memories alive. I can't wait to share these things with my children but I also enjoy looking at them myself!
On the topic of hoarding, I dug out all of my sample sachets I've collected but not used...

I can hear all you non-hoarders - What's the point of keeping all of these if your never going to use them? My answer would be - I do plan on using them! I'm not sure when but I will eventually get around to using them all (I promise?!) These are the five I'm most looking forward to trying...

Right, admission time - are you a hoarder and understand me? Or are you a non-hoarder and just don't understand my 'ways'?
I'd love to know :)


  1. I am a hoarder! I am also really sentimental so if I ever want to remember a certain day or time, I will keep something from it. I have a box of things I have collected since I have been with my boyfriend and it's so nice to look back and remember times we've had!
    Totally understand your hoarding here!

  2. Im a total hoarder too, but Im getting MUCH better at having big clearouts and find them really therapuetic!x

  3. I do the same and I have most of those samples to! The Vichy Idealia Pro smell AMAZING but I didn't notice much difference in my skin.

    I keep a lot of memories too, just can't help it!

    These Days are Fast

  4. I just nominated you for the Liebster award! If you want to accept it, click on the link and answer the questions I set you :)

    (Sorry if you have already been nominated!)

    1. I've already been nominated but thank you very much for considering my blog :)

      Helen x

  5. I'm a hoarder too.. I have so many samples and things which are hanging around my room which I keep saying I'll use but I haven't xx

  6. Oh my god! I found myself in a similar situation recently! I seem to just collect samples everywhere i go haha! I put them all in a box and vowed to use them! Great post x

  7. I'm definitely a hoarder! If I don't watch myself i'll end up on one of those awful TV shows! :)


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