Thursday 1 August 2013

I MADE: Personalised Map Art

I absolutely love receiving and giving personalised gifts, sometimes for a reason but more often than not just because I want to! Daisy (my 8 week old niece) has received a lot of my recent craft projects, including a personalised photo frame and salt dough creation. This Personalised Map Art is one of my favourite personalised gifts to make, I made this one for Tom a while ago now and he loved it! It's so cheap to make - for the photo frame always keep your eye out at car boot sales, as their are often brilliant photo frames that have awful pictures in. With a clean and revamp they can be a brilliant, cheap alternative!
What you'll need:
Map (I bought one from The Works for £1.99)
Photo Frame with separate sections (the website I got mine from unfortunately doesn't sell them anymore but there are lots of options out there. Here are some examples...
Cream House Shape Photo Frame
White Photo Frame With 37 Mini Frames
What to do:
1) Make a list of places that are important to you and the person your giving the gift to. Could be holidays, university, school's, anywhere that holds good memories!
2) Measure the different sections of your photo frame. Then cut out your chosen special places from the map.
3) Place inside each section and secure the back of the photo frame back on.
4) Give to someone who's important to you :)

What do you think?


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  1. This is such an adorable idea! I love it, especially how personal it can be :)

    xx Kim


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