Saturday 10 August 2013

NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain 16 Hours - Rock on Ruby ♥

I actually bought this in America last summer, wayyy before I started writing this blog! But I've started using it again recently, so I thought I'd blog about it. It's been around for ages in the UK and is very reasonably priced at £2.99 from shops like Boots and Superdrug. I use the 2true Lip and Cheek Tint (£1.99 from Superdrug) everyday on the apples of my cheeks and my lips. It gives them a nice pink glow, but it isn't a very rich, deep colour. Perfect for everyday wear but I wanted something with a stronger colour for special occasions. Hence, this purchase!

I chose the shade 497 Rock on Ruby, which is a very vibrant red colour - perfect!

Well I thought it was perfect when I first applied it...
Deep colour - check
Vibrant colour - check
Doesn't bleed into the skin around my lips - check
Smooch Proof - (mostly) check

Sounding good so far but then...
Stays for 16 hours - not really

I'm not sure if it's my lips or the product but every time I put it on after about half an hour little red clumps would form on my lips, so I'd rub them and that would be lips would be back to their normal colour. The product did come off quite easily, it is mostly smooch proof because its a lip stain rather than a lipstick or gloss. But it certainly would never last 16 hours! Having said this I have continued to use it and do quite like it, but only to events that I know I'll be able to have a cheeky look in the mirror to check that it's ok!

How did everyone else get on with this product?

Any other lip stains that you'd recommend?


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