Thursday 29 August 2013

The Cotswolds ♥

Wasn't it nice to have an extra day of the weekend? It was also our 3 year anniversary, so we thought we'd have a nice day out visiting various towns and villages in the Cotswolds. It's such a pretty area of the country! We looked at the price of houses there (as we're looking for a house) but we don't have millions of pounds! There were barely any houses that were less than £1 million!

Here are some of the beautiful places we visited...


 Have you visited The Cotswolds?

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  1. Stow-on-the-Wold is a gorgeous little place! I live not far from there. I know what you mean about house prices in the Cotswolds they're a bit crazy! I guess it's the price to pay for such a lovely landscape around you!

    Ria x
    NatuRia Beauty

  2. The Cotswolds look absolutely gorgeous!

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  3. The Cotswolds aren't very far from us--I've driven through quite a few times. I think we were in them yesterday actually, at Berkeley Castle. They're what I always pictured as England when I was growing up reading stories set there. I still quite like reading stories set there...the Agatha Raisin books are one of my guilty pleasures.

    Congratulations on your third anniversary!

    Angela xx
    Little Apple Tree


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