Wednesday 7 August 2013

The Wedding Cabinet ♥ + discount code!

Isn't being a guest at a wedding all about having a good laugh, getting 'tipsy', eating lots of yummy food and a chance to wear that lovely dress you bought for 'special' occasions? So what's it like being the Bride or Groom? Well at the moment it feels like a lot of worry, stress and money with moments of excitement! But I'm sure as more things get ticked off the trusty list the enjoyment levels will go up and hopefully when the big day finally comes we'll be able to enjoy all of the things guests get to!
We are aiming for a relaxed feel at our wedding, not just for our guests but for us too! I'm hoping that we'll feel more relaxed, as a lot of the 'normal' aspects of a wedding aren't happening. We aren't having a first dance, the idea of everyone looking at us dancing (which we never do usually) petrifies both of us, so we decided to omit it from the day. It is 'our' day after all :)
As part of the fun, relaxed atmosphere we are going to have a make-shift photo booth. I really want to use an old school desk (you know the ones that had a lid you lifted up? My Dad has one that we bought off my old Primary School for about £5!), on one half store the Instant Print Camera films and on the other half have lots of fun photo booth props!
The Wedding Cabinet (see website here) offer lots of unique, luxurious wedding items for a range of different style weddings. The Wedding Cabinet sell this brilliant range of fun Photo Booth props for only £9.99! They kindly sent me a pack and I couldn't believe how much you get for £9.99! The pack contains a range of female/male props, a large fold out frame, words for guests to hold and disguises! With 20 different props, it really is a bargain. I love the choice of different props, I can really imagine all of the funny photo's that would be taken using these! It simply makes me smile just thinking about it :)
Best of all, the lovely people at The Wedding Cabinet have offered my blog readers a discount code for 10% off!! This means that the Photo Booth Props are only £9! Enter the code 'TEMBLOG' at checkout and enjoy the 10% discount!

Here are some of the other lovely items available at The Wedding Cabinet...
Are you planning on having a photo booth or been to a wedding with one?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)

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  1. I love how you are going for a 'relaxed' theme for your wedding, that's exactly what me and my Fiance want :). We are getting married next September, in Cyprus...we love travelling and have invited close fam, but we are hoping to have a reception back here when we return for everyone else to celebrate with us :).
    I'm currently trying to think of things that are a little bit different. The photo booth thing sounds cool :). I'm deffo gonna have a sweet buffet!
    Oh I love that you've decided not to have a first dance aswell, it's so easy to think that you should stick with tradition but like you said, it's your day so why not choose what you do and do not want to do :). We aren't ones for being centre of attention so this is something we will think about, it's hard enough trying to think of what song we would choose to dance to ha ha.
    I am hoping to start a wedding series on my blog soon, so will pop my link below in case you want to have a looksie :).


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