Friday 20 September 2013

HOW TO: Healthy Looking Nails - using Jessica Phenomen Oil ♥

Flaky nails - they are more common than you'd think, with a lot of men and women struggling. I have flaky nails and I'm convinced it's because I wear nail varnish a lot of the time, but do I stop wearing it? Nope. Of course I want my nails to look nice and not one big flaky mess but I also enjoy painting my nails and the different looks you can create. My nails are just really weak, I can bend them easily and the top layers of the nails flakes away. Not ideal.
I have tried numerous nail varnishes that promise to strengthen your nails, without any luck. When Fragrance Direct kindly sent me Jessica Phenomen Oil (RRP £9 but Fragrance Direct sell it for £7.50) I was intrigued to see whether this was the product that would help me create healthy looking nails.
As you can read on the back of the packaging, Jessica Phenomen Oil isn't solely designed for your nails. It can be used on most areas that you feel need a good burst of hydration, this cold be your elbows, knees, cuticles etc. Making this product very versatile.
To have a go at creating healthy looking nails for yourself, you'll need Jessica Phenomen Oil (available from here), a file/buff/shine set and a cuticle remover.
These were my nails before this treatment - clearly flaky and not particularly healthy looking.
Firstly, I filed my nails into the shape I wanted them to be. This is completely personal preference.
Next, I buffed the top of my nails gently with the 'buff' side of the set. This helps to take away any uneven surfaces on your nails, creating a smoother nail.
Afterwards, I used the 'smooth' side of the set to help create an even smoother nail surface (which is hard if you have flaky nails).
 I then applied a small drop of the Jessica Phenomen Oil to every cuticle, gently massaged it into the nail. Using the cuticle remover, I pushed back my cuticles.
This 'treatment' took about 5 minutes for both hands, so it's not time consuming but I think you'll agree that you can see a massive difference in my nails! In the before picture (near the start of this post) my nails were very flaky looking, not very shiny and generally unhealthy. But now they're shiny, not visibly flaky and I'd be happy to wear no nail varnish with my nails looking like this.
Do you have this problem too?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)

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