Tuesday 24 September 2013

Lace Wedding Dress Inspiration ♥

Prior to going wedding dress shopping for the first time, I thought I had an idea about the type of dress I wanted. But everyone that had already been a bride kept telling me that my opinion would change once I'd tried the dresses on. I think this is the case for a lot of women but not me, I thought I'd love lace sleeved wedding dresses and I do :) I mean I haven' found 'THE' dress yet but out of the range of styles I tried on I'm pretty convinced it will end up being a lace dress!
I've since been browsing the internet on search for my perfect dress, I found one that came very close to perfect but with a £2000 price tag I think I'll keep searching!
If your on the hunt for a lace dress too then here's some inspiration for you...

(If you click on the designers name below it will take you to their website)
Mori Lee

 What type of wedding dress do you like?

I'd love it if you left a comment :)



  1. I like the 3rd one, the 2nd would've been my fave but the material looks a bit heavy on the skirt, should've had an overlay of lace on the skirt to make it look more delicate :) xo

  2. I love the third one! Lace is so stunning and classy! xx


  3. I want a lace one too - going to my first bridal shop appointment on Friday, eek! I really want the top half to be quite detailed, a bit like the third photo, but not too sure on the style of the bottom half xx

    1. Aww that's so exciting! I was really nervous but absolutely loved it and have been about 6 times now! I love the lace dresses, very vintage :)

      Helen x

  4. The last dress is lovely!! Personally I'm loving a fit and flare type dress for my wedding! I posted some of my inspirations too.. hope you will check it out sometime :)



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