Tuesday 1 October 2013

MyChelle Deep Repair Cream

If your a fan of natural skincare products then you'll love MyChelle, a company that offer a wide variety of skincare products made with natural ingredients. They have excellent feature of their website, you can easily and quickly search for products specifically designed for your skin type. Anyone that is new to skincare and the wide range of products available for every skin problem, this feature of their website is invaluable. I have dry/combination skin depending on the time of year. During these cooler months, like a lot of women, I get really dry skin on my face. I always put it down to being in the warm then the cold, then the warm again etc. My poor skin can't keep up with it! As a result my forehead often peels and is very dry. I always exfoliate to help this but it doesn't solve the problem fully.

MyChelle kindly sent me their Deep Repair Cream (£24) to try out, which is aimed at people with dry skin. Another brilliant feature of MyChelle is that a lot of their products have stage number. This indicates which order to use the products, so that your skincare routine caters for your skins needs perfectly.

MyChelle Deep Repair Cream restores, repairs and rehydrates with rejuvenating Kombuchka™ and Venuceane™. It's gluten free and vegan friendly as well. This Deep Repair Cream is also brilliant for ageing skin, as skin loses its natural oil. Perfect for Christmas presents!  

It smells so lovely and absorbs into the skin really well. A little goes a long way, I applied this before my night serum and moisturiser for the ultimate hydration treatment!

Do you prefer natural beauty products?

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  1. I always prefer natural skincare and cosmetics where possible! The packaging for this looks so cute, I really like it!
    Great post :)



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