Friday 4 October 2013

MyChocolate Chocolate Workshop in Manchester!

Last Christmas I was going through a phase of entering A LOT of competitions, after all Christmas is the best time for receiving prizes! After many hours/days spent entering competitions I was lucky enough to win a Chocolate Making Workshop for Two!
Years ago I would have said I was a crisp lover but recently I've been converted to a chocolate lover, so this workshop was perfect. I decided to take Tom along with me, partially mostly because it was either in Manchester, Brighton or London and I'm too scared to drive to any of those places and partially because Tom loves anything sweet!
The voucher I won was with Activity Superstore but the Chocolate Workshop was run by the amazing MyChocolate! From start to finish it was a chocolate lover's heaven. We decided to head to the Manchester workshop, so we could combine it with a day of shopping. Talk about the perfect day! 
The workshop started off with us introducing ourselves to each other and then learning about the history of chocolate. We tried a variety of grades of chocolate, from cheap to very expensive, from 100% chocolate to white chocolate with lemon and poppy seeds. The lady that ran it was absolutely brilliant, so enthusiastic and very skilled. At the back of the room there were about 13 bowls full of melted organic chocolate ready for the workshop!  
We tried Cocoa Nibs, which I personally didn't really like. They tasted too much like pure cocoa powder.
There were lots of different decorations for the various activities throughout the 2.5 hour workshop. Including praline, coconut, strawberry curls and white chocolate shavings.
The first activity we had was to make a giant button, well of course I took that literally and before I knew it mine was the biggest in the group and wouldn't fit in the bag at the end! Woops!
We then had a chance to make some dark chocolate truffles, which were so easy. It was 6 spoons of dark chocolate to 3 spoons of fresh double cream, simply mixed together until it turned solid. We then piped the mixture into little balls, ready to roll and dip in MORE melted chocolate.  
As you can see, it gets a big messy at points!
Next we were given some of their homemade chocolate fudge to shape, using little cutters. I then dipped some of these in more chocolate, I think the mass chocolate intake went to my head! 
There were marshmallows around the table, so of course they got dunked into the chocolate too! Honestly, you can't take me anywhere...
These were Tom's creations...
After all of that chocolate we sure did feel slightly sick but it was definitely worth it! I can't recommend this experience enough for a possible Christmas/Birthday present for any chocolate lover, like myself :)
Have you been to a chocolate workshop?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! My other half would love something like this, he's such a chocolate fiend!

  2. Oh, this looks like heaven, even for a non-sweet-toothed girl like me!

    Maxine, xx


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