Sunday 27 October 2013

NAILS: Cath Kidston Inspired

This nail art is inspired by Cath Kidston, I love having flowery nails as almost everything I own has some kind of floral print!

Firstly, I painted my nails with Miss Sporty Quick Dry. I love the vibrant blue colour, perfect for brightening up these rainy days recently! I then used the Poundland white nail art pen to create the polka dot effect. If you don't have a nail art pen with a fine nib just use a cocktail stick, (carefully) snap off the end so that there isn't a point (this helps with even application). Dip into any white nail varnish and dot onto the nails. I try and do this step quickly after applying the blue nail varnish, so that the white dots 'sink' into the blue, creating a more even finished look.  

Next I used MUA nail varnish in Shade 3 to create 3 larger dots on my fourth fingernail. But you can use any darker nail varnish you have: purple's and pink's generally work best.

While the darker nail varnish is still wet add a paler colour into the middle, this time I used a white. Quickly use a cocktail stick or nail art tool to swirl the darker and lighter colour nail varnish together, making sure that you don't make the circle any bigger.  

Then I added some leaves to the flowers using ASDA Nail Polish in Aqua 23. I have used a glittery green nail varnish before for a more sparkly finish.  

Here's the finished look:

What do you think?
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  1. These are super cute! I love Cath Kidston! xoxo

  2. They're so nice, the polka dots are so good too hah
    love victoriajanex

  3. This design is absolutely gorgeous!
    lovely post!

    Laura xox

  4. Lovely design! Very creative!


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