Monday 21 October 2013

Zoeva Cat Eye Pen - Blackest Black ♥

I'm an eyeliner addict, if I don't have any eyeliner on of some description my eyes look really strange! I think it's because eyeliner was one of the first staple pieces of make-up I used as a teenager. Included in my everyday make-up routine I use a black kohl eyeliner just in the corner of the bottom lash line. But when I have a special occasion, then I tend to experiment with eye shadow and then apply a thin line of liquid eyeliner along the top lash line. For a long time I used a liquid eyeliner that I was given as a gift but I was never happy with the outcome. It was almost impossible to get a straight (ish) line and would rub off so easily.
I was kindly sent Zoeva Cat Eye Pen Blackest Black by Professional Online Make-Up (POM Ltd) . I was instantly drawn to the fact that it's a 'Longlasting Stylo Liner', a long lasting eyeliner is exactly what I'm looking for.

The very fine brush makes for such an easy application, especially if you do want to create a cat eye effect.  
As you can see the eyeliner doesn't bleed out, so where you draw a line is where the line stays - horray!!

(Photo was taken in the evening- can you tell?! Please come back sunshine!)
Are you a fan of liquid eye liners?
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