Thursday 28 November 2013

GIFT INSPIRATION: Ted Baker Performance in a Bag

 Why oh why do I have so many men to buy for this Christmas?! If it's not my fiancĂ©e it's my brothers, Dad, uncles and cousins! They have left me thinking very hard about finding gifts for them all this Christmas, due to the fact that every year they have 'no ideas' about what they want! Women seem to be so much better at going shopping and actually saying what they want, although you do have to be careful around Christmas time. I find myself saying 'ohhh I like that - but I don't want it for Christmas!' - does anyone else do this? You know when you like something, but you'd prefer to get it for yourself rather than it be a Christmas present.
Ted Baker have a brilliant range of gifts for men this year, which Boots are stocking. They are reasonably priced with two main styles of gifts - one is more sporty and the other more sophisticated. The brilliant thing with the gifts available at Boots is that they are all part of a 3 for 2 offer and you get Advantage Card points! I think I've managed to save up around £30 of vouchers during the year that I'm planning on spending on the Boots gift ranges this Christmas!
The Ted Baker 'Performance in a Bag'* (£35) - is a backpack filled with hair & body wash, body spray and a soap on a rope. To be honest my expectations of the backpack weren't too high, in the past I've found this kind of gift sets pretty poor quality. However I was very pleasantly surprised when this sturdy, stylish and good sized Ted Baker bag turned up on my doorstep! As you can see it's a really good size and it can actually be worn (sounds silly but I have come across 'backpacks' that are so small you can't get them over your shoulder!).
This gift set is part of the more sporty range from Ted Baker 'Tour de Ted'. Also, included in the gift set are two different hair & body washes, two different body sprays and a soap on a rope. You could obviously split these up and give them to different people, in theory you have 4 different gifts in this one set...
Light Blue Hair & Body wash and Body Spray
Dark Blue Hair & Body wash and Body Spray
Soap on a Rope
Ted Baker Backpack
Not bad for only £35! I am planning on giving my little brother the backpack with one hair & body wash and body spray and my other brother the rest of the products. My little brother is at college so he uses a backpack everyday and I know he will love this stylish number!
Are you struggling with buying gifts for men this year?
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  1. This looks like a great gift idea for younger brothers! My brother has been surprisingly easy this year but my dad has been a nightmare :\

  2. What a fantastic idea! Wish I hadn't bought my partners present now haha I love it! Xx

  3. I say 'I like that but I don't want it for Christmas' as well! Although with me it's mainly because I tend to like quite pricey things but won't buy them for myself because it feels wasteful and won't let others buy them for me because I feel guilty about them spending so much. This is why I have loads of stuff but it's all (relatively) cheap!

    The backpack is a brilliant gift idea though, especially for as you say a younger brother who's still at college or uni.


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