Tuesday 26 November 2013

HAIR: Naked Brunette Radiance Shampoo and Conditioner

 Shiny, glossy, head flicking hair - only for models in magazines? NOT ANY MORE! I have been in a shampoo and conditioner rut for a long time now, constantly using the same products then repurchasing again, again and again! I used to think that the shampoo and conditioner I used wouldn't really make any difference to my hair. It's only on my hair for a couple of minutes, right?! Naked Brunette Radiance has proven this theory completely wrong and made me wish I had tried more shampoo and conditioner's out over the years.
naked bodycare range includes shower gel, body wash, skincare, bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products - all of which are 97% natural! You'd be foolish to think this meant that their products quality was compromised, they smell amazing, the range is diverse and some of their products are award winning!
naked kindly sent me the naked Brunette Radiance Shampoo (£3.99) and Conditioner (£3.99) to try out. As I've said this is the first time in about 6 years I've used a different shampoo and conditioner, so I was slightly apprehensive. Mainly because my hair is very long at the moment and I didn't want to start having problems with it. However I ended up with the complete opposite of problems, my hair began to shine like it's never shone before! After the first wash with this shampoo and conditioner I could straight away notice a difference. My hair was so soft, shiny and did indeed make me want to do the head swish! 
This is my hair after using these products for about a week... 
As you can see my hair is getting very long, the last time I had a proper haircut it was at my shoulders! My hair grows at an uncontrollable pace sometimes but I think I do prefer having longer hair. 
This is what naked have to say about their naked Brunette Radiance shampoo...
'Naked Brunette Radiance Shampoo is a tiny bit like the coffee shop barista delivering your morning hit of glossy mocha or rich espresso, except this buzz in a bottle will deliver that all to your hair. We use elderberry and an extra shot of sage to help deep chocolatey, lustrous tones. As your hair deserves the kindest treatment of all we only use mild, plant based ingredients; so don’t be bitter and ground down by lukewarm tresses!'
Have you tried any of the naked range?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Sounds really lovely and liked the idea of taking the pictures inside the bath, haha! just me getting weird over details ;)

    Christina xx

  2. Omg your hair is amazing I'm so v jealous! Xx



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