Sunday 3 November 2013

SKINCARE: Lierac Luminescence Illuminating Serum

I had been wanting to try a serum for a while, after hearing such brilliant things about them and their effect on your skin. So when Fragrance Direct kindly offered to send me the Lierac Luminescence Serum to try out I was interested to see the results. If you haven't visited the Fragrance Direct website then you must, it's full of ridiculous discounts on skincare, fragrance and beauty products. This serum RRP is £75 but Fragrance Direct sell it for only £18.95, a massive £56.05 saving!!

The Lierac Luminescence Illuminating Serum claims to 'works deep-down and on the surface to reduce the appearance of pigment spots and redness. Helps refine and smooth skin texture, evening out the complexion'. The aspects that really appealed to me were the evening out of complexion and creating a smoother skin texture. My skin can sometimes be quite dull, so I rely on highlighting products to create a 'healthy glow'. As I started using this product I noticed that my skin started to break out a bit more, which isn't ideal. I persisted with the product, presuming that the breakout's were as a result of using a new product, almost like a detox. I'm glad I did persist because after using this product for a couple of weeks I noticed that my skin started to look more radiant.

The pearlescent packaging and bottle are very appealing and certainly stood out on my dressing table. However, the actual serum isn't pearlescent or sparkly, making it perfect for everyday use. I apply this product every evening, after I have toned and cleansed. I then apply my moisturiser and eye cream, so that my all of my skins needs are met and it's a chance to have a little pamper at the end of a long day! 

I did find applying this product slightly challenging, I might just be missing a trick but trying to use the pipette to apply the product didn't really work. Unless my head was leaning completely back the product just ran down my face before I had a chance to put the bottle down! So I started to put a small amount into my hands, rubbed my hands together and massaged it into my face. If I'm missing a trick I'd love to know?!
Are you a fan of serums?
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  1. I love using serums in my Skincare routine. Love the sound of the Lierac serum. At the moment I'm using the Avène Soothing Hydrating Serum which helps settle down any irritation on my sensitive skin.

  2. I don't really use serums in my skin care routine because I tend to forget about them hehe


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