Thursday 26 December 2013

CHRISTMAS: Happy Boxing Day!

Boxing day gifts
I really love Boxing Day, it doesn't have the pressure and expectation of Christmas Day plus you've got all your presents to enjoy! A family tradition I think my Grandparents started off is that we have 'tree presents' - yes, presents off the Christmas tree! They are just small token gifts that we give each other on Boxing Day - something to look forward too. As we are going to my auntie and uncles this year for Boxing Day we will also be giving and receiving presents from them too - very excited!
Obviously today is the first proper day sales are on in the shops, personally I don't fancy spending my Boxing Day away from my family and battling crowds. Having said that I am always a little envious of the people that do get the REALLY good bargains in the sales. I have already completed three online sale shopping sessions and I think I'll hit the sales in the shops on Saturday (when hopefully the crowds will have settled down slightly).

What do you do on Boxing Day?

Whatever your family does on Boxing Day I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy spending quality time together :)

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  1. Boxing Day doesn't really exist here in the US so my Christmas is pretty much over and done with - the husband is back at work and there's nothing Christmassy much on the Radio/TV here anymore! Although it is snowing - that's always fun!

  2. happy boxing day to you! i like the sound of tree presents :) x

  3. Love the presents on the tree idea! I haven't gone near any sales yet as I'm too worried about the rest of January! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and found some awesome bargains!

    Katie <3


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