Thursday 5 December 2013

GIFT INSPIRATION: Chillsner and Bar10der - ideal gift for students!

I've already mentioned the number of men I have to buy for this year and every year saying that! One of my brother's is only just over a year younger than me but our lives are at completely different places. I graduated in 2011, worked part time for a year and have worked full time since. I absolutely love my job but it does take a lot of my time, money, effort and then there's the responsibility of not only work but also managing my own income. My brother on the other hand has been a student for the past 2 years, which is one of the most fun, care free and social times of your lives! He's currently doing an intern, so the partying, late nights and drinking have had to take a slight back seat. Well that's during the week, at the weekends he's more often than not back at his university partying with the friends that aren't doing internship years! Sometimes I'm completely envious of his care free, partying life but I don't think I could go back to the university world now I've been out of it for almost 3 years!

When it comes to present buying for students or young people a lot of them will say 'anything to do with drink'! Tom's sister is also at university, starting her first year in September. What does she want for Christmas? Alcohol. It's that time in your life when you are having fun, discovering new drinks and generally being social. I remember when I was at university everyone used to have bottle's of VK on a night out - cheap and cheerful high in sugar! I never really want to buy someone actual alcohol as a gift, they buy it for themselves the rest of the time so really all I'd be doing is saving them £15. I've found the ideal alcohol related gifts for students, the Chillsner and Bar10der!

The Chillsner Beer Cooler by Corkcicle* (I reviewed the wine Corkcicle here) is an innovative product that stops bottles of beer getting warm - genius! You get 2 Chillsner's in each pack and they retail for around £24.99, Lakeland currently stock them. The Chillsner Beer Cooler is the first in-bottle beer cooler in the world - it takes up no more space than the size of the bottle, perfect for students who don't have much space and let's be honest that's every student! You don't need lots of space in the fridge or large ice buckets to keep the beer cooler, simply pop once Chillsner in the freezer prior to when you want it - put it in the bottle when you want to drink it and it will keep nice and chilled.

It's called a Beer Cooler but you can put the Chillsner in any bottled drink - cider's, beer's, bitter's etc. I think that the best feature of this product is that you can leave the Chillsner in the bottle and still drink from the bottle! There is a spout to drink through - making this the most convenient way to keep any bottled drink cool. Once you've drank each the drink you can either rinse the Chillsner and return it to the freezer or use it in your next bottle!

If you know someone who either loves creating their own cocktail or simply loves cocktails then the Bar10der is an ideal gift for them! The Bar10der* retails for around £29.99 at stockists such as firebox, argos and GadgetGrotto to name a few! The Bar10der has everything you want in one convenient '10 in 1 multi-tool', great for creating cocktails on holiday. There's a muddler, juice reamer, knife, jigger, zester, corkscrew, bottle opener, channel knife, strainer and stirrer - anyone can create a bespoke cocktail or one of the many well-loved ones from the comfort of their home!

We always used to make cocktails at university, mainly using the cheapest of spirits - they never lived up to the proper 'thing'. I wish I had known about this product when I went to Tenerife with a group of my university friends a couple of years ago - we could have done with creating our own holiday cocktails! The Bar10der is also available in 4 colours - green, purple, blue and orange.

*Please enjoy drink responsibly*

Do you know anyone that would love these products?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)



  1. Right that's my brother and Dad's presents SORTED!

    Thanks so much for the ideas!

    Katie <3

  2. Loving the alcohol theme, they are pretty much the best types of presents!

    Hmm maybe...

  3. I do rather like the bartender piece there, my husbands great at whipping up cocktails and having all the separate pieces in one, would be very handy!

  4. The Bar10der would be great for my OH - he's very into his cocktails and likes gadgets, so he'd absolutely love that! I have already bought his Christmas present but that's definitely one to keep in mind for his birthday...


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