Tuesday 31 December 2013

REFLECTION: My Top 15 Moments of 2013!

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2013 has been a very important year in my life as an adult, a lot has changed and there's a lot to look forward to. So I've put together a list of my favourite moments of 2013, in no particular order! I think it's important to reflect during this festive period, we can spend quality time with the family and appreciate the small things in life. Those moments money simply can't buy!
5 Tips Every Groom Should Know Before Proposing!
1) Tom proposing on the 6th May 2013 - I look forward to finish planning our wedding and getting married in 2014!
2) Going on a family holiday to Italy in April 2013, we have always gone on holiday as a family but as we all grow up it is becoming harder and harder to find a time we are all free. I hope this wasn't the last family holiday, as I treasure all the memories a holiday creates.
 choose a job you love.. -Confucius
3) I started my first 'proper' full time job in April 2013. It has been exciting, stressful, nerve-racking and one of the most fulfilling experiences. I absolutely love my job - everyday is completely different and it's so rewarding!
4) Tom and I moved house in October 2013, we have been looking to buy a house for the past 2 years but with no luck. There doesn't seem to be much movement on the housing market in our area, so when the rental contract on our last house came to an end we weren't sure what to do. With only 2 weeks until we had to move out we finally found a gorgeous converted pub to rent and that's where we are now! I learnt how much hard work moving house is.
 Bright.Bazaar’s Guide To Blogging Infographic
5) I started this blog properly in June/July 2013, I had been blogging before but due to my new job simply didn't have any time to blog. At the start of the summer I really wanted to get back into blogging and have loved every second of it! I find it quite therapeutic sitting down and writing a blog post, I've experienced some amazing products and spoke to so many lovely people on Twitter (my twitter account - @Treasure_E_M). I can't wait to see where my blog goes in 2014.
6) My Sister-in-Law giving birth to a beautiful baby girl called Daisy in May 2013. I feel quite an amount of responsibility being an auntie now and I hope to be the best auntie I can be, just like my own auntie! Watching a family grow has been so lovely and made us very excited for our future too!
Marathon, then try an ULTRA!  50k, 50 miles, Double marathon!!!!  JUST RUN!
7) My brother completing the London marathon! He wasn't particularly fit, so it really was a challenge for him. He trained hard, ate a lot of pasta and completed the London a Marathon in 5 hours 42 minutes!!! I tracked him the whole way on the online tracker and felt so immensely proud when he crossed the line! I have a lot of admiration for him and his achievements. 
 map of planning a wedding
8) Planning our own wedding has been a learning experience, as well as being very exciting! The organised side of me loves a bit of organising, any excuse to write a list! I spent the summer emailing venues, trying on wedding dresses, talking about all things wedding and visiting venues. All with the thought that 'this time next summer we'll be getting married'! 
9) A number of family and friends were really poorly at the start of 2013 but they are all starting to get better now, which makes us both very happy. I hope that 2014 continues to bring good news to them all and that they all get completely better.
 Sunrise from under Claremont Pier Lowestoft, England - my home.
10) Going back to Lowestoft with Tom back in August. Lowestoft will forever hold a special place in my heart, my Grandparents had a caravan there for the whole of my life up until I was 20 years old! We used to go there every summer for a short break, so there are loads of family memories held there. When we had to get rid of the caravan because it was too old it was very much an end of an era. I've missed going there every summer since, so when Tom suggested going for a short weekend break there I was so excited. It probably sounds strange but its such a comforting place to go for me, I just wish it was a little nearer!
The first snowfall of each year.... #myhappychristmas @Blanca Prado Stuff UK
11) Waking up on my birthday in March and there being snow all around us! Tom had taken me away to a Shepherd's Hut in the Peak District for my birthday, when we went to sleep it was really cold outside but I certainly wasn't expecting to see fields laced with snow in the morning! I absolutely love snow if I don't have to get to work or go anywhere. We also saw lambs that had been born that day, so very cute.

12) Tom did a two year graduate scheme with a company after university, which was perfect as it allowed him to experience four aspects of the company to see which he liked the best. In September 2013 he was offered a job in the area he wanted to work in! I'm so very proud of all of his achievements, he works so hard and deserves all the success he achieves!
13) Making lots of new friends at my new job - they've taught me a lot about myself, mostly along the lines of how un-wild I am! They've reminded me that I am only young and that I can go out and party sometimes! It is a bit of a hassle because I live over an hour from the town they all go out in, so I have to speak very nicely to Tom so that he'll kindly pick me up in the middle of the night!

14) This is a pretty shallow 'top moment if 2013' but getting an iPad mini for Christmas this year from Tom has been SO exciting! I've gone on about how much I'd love a tablet of any kind so much but never ever actually thought I own one (unless luckily won in one of the many iPad competitions I enter)! I really do feel so lucky :)

15) Going Hovercrafting for the first time - we went for my brother's birthday. It's such a unique experience and pretty hard work! You have to completely lean to the side you want to move but if you lean too much you will dig into the ground, it's quite an art to master it!

What have you top moments of 2013 been?

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  1. Wow, what a huge year you've had. I can't imagine how exciting it is to be in your new house and have a wedding and the rest of your lives to plan sounds incredible.

    Happy New Year Helen, all the best for 2014!

    Katie <3

  2. It sounds like 2013 was a great year for you, experiencing a lot of milestones in life. Having my baby in November was most definitely the highlight of my year.
    I wish you all the best for 2014! Especially with your wedding!
    Bits & Bobs

  3. such a lovely post, I love the planning a wedding diagram! that ring is gorgeous :) good luck on your wedding lovely!

    Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog



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