Thursday 2 January 2014

CHRISTMAS: I feel so lucky to have every single one of these presents!

This Christmas I have spent all of it feeling so incredibly lucky - lucky to have such amazing family and friends, lucky that I received the thoughtful presents I got this year but most of all lucky to feel the love from around me. Christmas is about spending time with loved ones and reminding those people we love how much we actually care. One of the things I most look forward to on Christmas Day is everyone opening their presents from me, I get so much enjoyment from making others happy!
I received such an incredible number of lovely gifts this year, every single one made my smile grow even bigger and my heart melt.
^ The perfume I've been lusting over for ages, my first 'proper' make up brush, the only concealer that hides my dark circles, a hairbrush that creates volume like you wouldn't believe, Bio-Oil as I've heard it's amazing and a rather cute little bubble bar. ^ 
^ The sweetest smelling lip balm set and one of the best chocolates out there. ^
^ A Mason Jar travel mug for hot and cold drinks that's ideal for work, reusable cupcake cases to save the planet and the prettiest Moroccan lantern as I love lanterns. ^
^ I chose the 'bits & bobs' jar from B&M Bargains for only £2.49 and spices from around this wonderful world. ^
^ A contemporary red candle that's already proudly sitting on our dining room table, the most interesting range of chilli jams, pumpkin as I made a pumpkin pie in America and it was so yummy and shimmery sugar for when nothing else will do. ^
^ Chocolate heaven and a kitchen timer as I have been known to get in all of a tiss when cooking. ^
^ A sturdy wooden chopping board to protect the ever so delicate kitchen surfaces we have now. ^
^ I am very messy in the kitchen so this apron will definitely come in handy, a Le Creuset surface protector once again for those delicate kitchen surfaces and the prettiest bowl I've ever seen. It's the way the light reflects off it that makes it so beautiful. ^
^ My main present from my family was a bread maker - a piece of kitchen technology both Tom and I have wanted since my uncle cooked us the most amazing bread in his bread maker. This cookbook makes me want to stay at home baking bread all day. ^
^ To keep all that homemade bread in. ^
^ I already can't wait for next Christmas just so that I can make some of the fantastic items in this lovely book. ^
^ You can never have too many pretty tins. ^
^ I shall be even more organised in 2014 with this calendar and post holder there's no excuse. ^
^ A cosy cushion for our cosy living room. ^
^ The elephant scarf I showed in an OOTD on my blog a while ago has been worn so very much. These gorgeous new scarves will I'm sure get just as much wear. ^
^ My brother chose this all by himself. I for one am seriously impressed. ^
^ Next clothes are such a treat as I'd very rarely buy them myself. ^
^ This style Primark dress has been a staple in my wardrobe this year. I now have 5 different patterns, these were the latest two to join the collection that I love dearly. ^
^ A luxurious shower cream for those hard days, Benefit eyeshadow set so I can start experimenting with my wedding make up (oh gosh.) and the cutest reindeer scarf I ever did see. ^
^ Our initials. ^
^ Tom gave me the most amazing selection of presents this year. He saved one till last, that he had hidden at the back of the Christmas tree. Look what I found in it! I almost cried with excitement. ^
^ More sweet treats I'm sure Tom and I will devour pretty early on into January. ^
^ A microwavable container that will be just perfect for lunches at work and wooden hearts I'm going to paint to label my many kilner jars. ^
^ Such a pretty way of not losing my keys. ^
^ A joint present to Tom and I - read it and believe it. ^
^ 2014 is the year I will grow herbs and they won't all die. ^
^ These taste so delicious both hot and cold. ^
^ Vintage inspired scales for the baker in me. ^
What did you get for Christmas?
Feel free to leave me a comment :)


  1. Your pictures are great. Lovely presents, I love the look of the striped Dickens and Jones jumper

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. Lucky you! This looks amazing. I got loads of things for the house too. such useful/amazing presents!

    Katie <3

  3. Love the presents! Beautiful chopping board :)

  4. Wow you got lots of lovely goodies! :) xx


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