Sunday 26 January 2014

JANUARY SALES: Last couple of buys, including the 70% Boots Sale....

After many December and January weekends spent 'sale shopping' I think I've about finished. This year I've mostly got presents for other people in the sale, as we are trying to save for our wedding in August. Having said that I did get a couple of treats for myself!

Independent Cooking Shop in Stamford

^ I had been eyeing this Molecular Mixology Kit for ages now, as my brother's 18th birthday was approaching I really wanted to get it for him. He's training to be a chef, so he's into fine dining and I thought this set would be perfect for practicing spherefication and other complicated cooking techniques! It was reduced to £16.80. ^

^ When I spotted this cute little Rudolph 'thing' (I'm not really sure what it's for) I couldn't resist it. I struggle to find my Dad little presents for Christmas, that aren't food, so I thought this would be perfect. It balances on the side of your mug, I think it's meant to be for a teabag to go in but I'd use it to put biscuits in! It was reduced to £2. ^

New Look

^ This is clearly a joke set (or I really hope it is!), I'm planning on giving this to either my Dad or one of my brothers as a bit of a joke!  It was reduced to £2. ^

^ I really needed some new warmer nightwear, as our house is usually pretty cold, this stripy long sleeved top was reduced to only £3. ^

^ These are actually men's pyjama bottoms (reduced to £5) but I loved the print on them too much. Also, ladies pyjama trousers are always far too short for my longish legs - does anyone else have this problem? I really don't like trousers that are too short, so I often buy men's (or borrow Tom's!) ^


The Boots 70% sale started at 5am online on the 15th January 2014, there is always so much anticipation and excitement surrounding it but it's not always possible to get any good bargains. They sell out online very quickly, as well as in the shops. As I was working I couldn't visit a shop until the next day but I did get a couple of bargains online. 

^ Reduced to £2.40 ^

^ Reduced to £3 ^

^ Reduced to £3.60 ^

^ Reduced to £3.60 ^

^ Reduced to £3 ^

^ Reduced to £3 ^

^ Reduced to £2.25 ^

Have you made any last minute January Sale buys?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)



  1. LOVE the PJ bottoms! I only wear mens ones too! They have a pocket and they just come up longer.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  2. great bargains
    i just bought a gorgeous new bag xx

  3. I've been doing the same, buying things and putting them away. I managed to buy a few Easter presents for my friends babies, mainly clothing and toys. I couldn't resist Christmas cards reduced to 10p in Tesco... Perfect for my class next year! I'm pretty much spent up but will feel so much better when Easter rolls around and I'm sorted. Looks like you got some great gifts in the sale... I love Rudolf!
    Donna xx

  4. Wow you've got so many great bargains!

    Christina xx


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