Saturday 4 January 2014

REVIEW: Bonjour French Food Subscription

Have you ever been on holiday to France or been to a lovely French restaurant and wished you could eat tasty French food more often? When I was younger our family holidays were often in France, going on the ferry was always such an exciting time! I am such a foodie and French food is one of many types of food I love, it's just such honest food. You know what you're going to get and you know it's going to be full of flavour. Bonjour French Food* is a unique subscription service that offers delightfully varied parcels filled with genuine French food. There are 5 to 7 French products in each parcel, which are delivered monthly, starting from £29 a month. The French products in the November box, which is the box I received, are very luxurious and I think the fact that the packaging of each product is obviously French too makes it even more luxurious. 

This subscription would make the perfect present for a foodie or someone who has a special connection to France. As soon as I knew about this fantastic concept I let one of my best friends know about it, her husband used to live in France as part of us university course. He can also speak fluent French - seriously impressive - in fact his job requires him to speak French! So it's fair to say France is an important and special place for him. This subscription would be the perfect present for him, as a French treat to look forward to each month.

You can get this subscription as a one off box (£31), 3 month subscription (£29 per box) or 6 months (£29 per box). The one off box is slightly more expensive but ideal for trying Bonjour French Food out!

Included in each box you get a detailed booklet informing you about each product in the box, as well as the tastiest recipes for some of the products in the box. The booklet is in both French and English, so it's ideal for someone who is learning more about the French culture and/or language.    

Do you know anyone who would love a Bonjour French Food subscription?

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  1. This is such a lovely idea for a box, I love trying out new food and it would be so exciting to get this box through the post! Is it worth the £31 do you think?
    S xo.

  2. It's definitely a treat and if you like genuine French food then it's considerably cheaper then going to France! The cost if getting the products to the UK is included in the price, so it is a little bit more expensive but it is when you import any food from another country. It's a special French treat :)

    Helen x

  3. Oooh this looks like such a lovely parcel to receive! I really fancy signing up to a subscription service like this. That black olive tapenade! Oh man! I wish there was an 'olives only' monthly subscription you could sign up to. That would be heavenly!

  4. This sounds really different! Ideal as a gift for a foodie for sure. I'm rather tempted actually x

  5. Bonjour Helen,

    I was so happy to discover your post this morning. I am so happy you appreciated our service. We do our best to share the products we love, here in France, so it's always a pleasure to read someone enjoyed our selection.
    I share with you a promotion we just opened yesterday, 15% off on all the packages with the code HAPPYNEWYEAR, I'm sharing it here because some of your readers might be tempted ;)

    So thanks again for letting your readers know about us, and above all, Julien & I wish you a very very happy new year!


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