Tuesday 14 January 2014

WEDDING: DIY Vintage Typewriter Guest Book

 When it comes to remembering 'the big day' I really want to have lots of different memories recorded, not simply one guest book. I have an awful memory and at the moment we aren't planning on having a professional photographer, so I have been thinking carefully about how to capture the day forever. We bought a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera from The National Wedding Show at the NEC (see post here) for about £65 I think. The camera is similar to a polaroid, in the fact that it instantly prints out pictures onto films the size of a credit card. There is a space below each picture to write a little message, so they're perfect for creating a wedding book. We plan to have a 'photo booth' area in the tipi's, my Dad has an old school desk that we bought from my primary school for about £5 that I will fill with dressing up props for funny photo's. We will then have a 'washing line' or vintage suitcase with ribbon across it, for the guests to peg their pictures and messages on to. I'm excited to see some of the funny photos, we will probably put them into a guest book to keep them all together!
Another idea we've had for a guest book is to have a vintage typewriter, as our wedding will have a vintage theme. During the summer months we spent many days searching car boot sales for a cheap typewriter that worked (much to Tom's enjoyment). But the cheapest I found was £45 and it didn't work! Then randomly one weekend we popped into a local charity shop and found a typewriter for only £3! Better still, IT WORKS!! Ok, so it's not the most beautiful typewriter I've ever seen but it will be perfect for our guests to 'type' use a message. I'd love to then get them framed, as anything typed looks like vintage art in my opinion.
There's something quite magical about typing on a typewriter, brings out the child in me. Despite never having a typewriter as a child! I was at the age when computer were just coming into mainstream use, by the time I was in year 6 at Primary school there were 2 shared computers in the school!
How do you want to capture your wedding day?
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  1. What a bargain! Also means that you won't end up with messages in a scrawl you will never be able to read :)

  2. That sounds awesome fun - I know if you hadn't of found one there's always ones on ebay (you might have to get ribbon from there anyway - it's a little tricky to come across these days). Wonderful idea for messages too, we never really had anything to capture our wedding aside from photographs but we had a very small wedding anyhow!

  3. The typewriter is a great idea!

    I'm still deciding what to do for my 'guest book' - I like the idea of it being something we can keep and put out on display, so at the moment I'm trying to decide between a thumbprint tree (an image of a tree and then people's thumbprints become the leaves) or seeing if our photographer will take an engagement shoot photo for us and then have people sign round the edges of that.

    1. Thanks! If you're looking at a thumbprint tree, I've written a post that included a wide variety of free printable's and there's a thumbprint tree! http://treasureeverymoment01.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/wedding-free-printable-wedding.html

      Hope it helps :)

      Helen x


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