Wednesday 12 February 2014

BATH: Lush Sale Haul

I know this post is quite late, as we're into February and the sale's are generally over but I'm having such an issue uploading photo's at the moment. Blogger won't let me on my laptop, so I have to upload photo's into a private Facebook album (which takes forever as I can only do 5 at a time), then 'save' them to my iPad, then upload/edit them through the Blogger app on my iPad, then back to my computer I need to create the post! Needless to say - it's very time consuming!

Anyway, onto the Lush Sale Haul - I think the sale went live on Boxing Day but as I was with family all day I didn't make an order until the day after. I thought I hadn't really missed out on anything, as everything online was in stock still but Lush must remove items that sell out from their website. After seeing many bloggers Lush Sale Hauls there was actually a lot more initially in the sale but I'm really pleased with the items I've bought.

^ I bought this with Tom in mind, I got him the green 'FUN' for his birthday last year and loved it - its got a citrus scent. This cute little set was reduced to £3.25. These FUN 'things' are like playdough, you can mould them into different shapes, as well as them being ideal for washing your hair and body. ^

^ I have heard so many good things about Lush's Snow Fairy range but had never gotten around to trying any of it. So I was excited to see that this Snow Fairy massage bar was in the sale!^

Did you get anything in the LUSH sale?

Feel free to leave me a comment and links to your LUSH hauls :)


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