Sunday 16 February 2014

BEAUTY: Seventeen Lip and Cheek Trio Gift Set

I was so excited to pick this Seventeen Lip and Cheek Trio Gift Set up in the Boots 70% sale for only £3 (reduced from £10). It was one of the only beauty products I actually got my hands on in the sale, I was way too slow! I use the 2true Lip and Cheek Tint everyday, so I was interested to see how these tints compared. However I've been disappointed, these stains are definitely not worth £10.

The container's are similar to a nail varnish pot (which is usual for a lip and cheek tint) but the brush in these is rock solid. It can't be used to spread the product around your lips and cheeks, which therefore means dying for your fingers or a make up brush. To be honest poor packaging like this didn't bother me too much, as I had picked them up for only £3 (if I had paid £10 I would have been disappointed!) but the product itself didn't live up to expectations either.

All of these stains have an unpleasant 'gloopy' texture, and with the rock hard 'applicator' it made applying these almost impossible. The first time I used them I tried to apply them to my lips, I either put too much on or the stains just rubbed off my lips. You know when you have slightly dry patches on your lips and poor quality products just dye those parts, resulting in a patchy, horrible look? - well that's exactly what these do. I'm so disappointed that I even wasted £3 on them. I'm also surprised that these are Seventeen products, some of my favourite everyday make up items are Seventeen. I use their matte powder religiously and I love their foundation but these stains are just not up to their usual quality.

As you can see below they start off looking ok but as soon as you try to blend them, all of the failures of this product become evident.

Have you been disappointed by the quality of any of your sale buys this year?

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  1. I got these in the sale too and have since chucked them out :p I agree about the making dry patches look worse and it was so gloopy, the idea of putting it on my cheeks made me feel ill!

  2. These looks terrible what a shame, 17 is usually a pretty good brand xx

  3. Oh no how very dissappointing, I will steer well clear xxx


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