Friday 21 February 2014

FASHION: Aspire Style Wish List

I was lucky enough to grow up near a couple Aspire Style shops, so I spent many afternoons aimlessly browsing their simply stunning stores and dreaming of owning 99.99% of the store! They sell the prettiest clothes, jewellery, gifts and accessories and luckily they have an online store too. As beautiful as their website is, it's not as good as browsing their stores in person, so if you ever do get a chance to visit - do! Aspire Style stores are in Oxford, Warwick, Stratford and Solihull - so generally around the midlands. As my birthday is quickly approaching (10th March if your wandering - though I can't imagine why you would be!) I thought I'd put together a wish list from Aspire Style...

Emily and Fin Abigail dress, polka dot print

Emily and Fin Poppy dress

Emily and Fin Lucy flower and spot dress

Louche Duchess nautical stripe dress

Closet Vintage print flared dress

Closet butterfly print dress
Estella Bartlett Joy pearl necklace
Estella Bartlett bumblebee necklace
Estella Bartlett someday I'll wish upon a star necklace

Olivia Burton Hummingbird watch, black

Joy and Happiness Penguin handwarmer, blue

Isn't everything just so pretty?

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