Monday 10 February 2014

REVIEW: Tiger in Cambridge (the best new shop I have come across in a long time!)

During a lovely day in Cambridge we came across a shop neither Tom or I had heard of, Tiger. It was so busy, like it was newly open, and as soon as we walked in we could see what all the fuss was about. Tiger is full of a range of products - from dressing up items to paint to candles - almost has a bit of everything! But the best thing is the price - everything is so cheap but doesn't have a cheap feel about it at all! It's great for craft projects, home decoration, cooking, children's gifts and party supplies. I just wish we had one nearer to us! Here are just some of the amazing prices I can remember...

3 Candles for £1 
2 Moustache Glasses for £1
2 Glass Spice Jars for £1
100 Tea light Candles for £3

Unfortunately they don't have a website shop but you can see a range of their products...

These are the items I picked up from Tiger...

^ Cards 2 for £1 ^

^ Chopsticks £1 ^

^ Glass Containers 2 for £1 ^

^ Tea Strainer £1 ^

^ Rose Peppercorns £1 ^

Have you visited a Tiger yet?

Feel free to comment :)



  1. Wow, I'm so impressed by this!

    Going to check out a Tiger when I can, I like the look of those glass jars...

    Hmm maybe...

  2. i used to visit tiger all the time when i lived in holland, but i had no idea there were stores in the uk too! i don't really live close enough to cambridge to justify a trip, but i'll definitely be checking out to see if they have locations anywhere else, such an amazing store! x

  3. I work just next to this tiger!! I'm in there pretty much every lunch break aha! There is some amazing bargains in that shop (:

  4. I love the stuff in Tiger! We went to the one in Cheltenham last year and I think I spent about an hour just browsing everything before buying what was in my (by then quite full) basket. I really wish they'd open one in Bristol though - although it could be very dangerous for my wallet! :-) x


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