Monday 17 March 2014

WEDDING: The Wedding Shoes I Dream About...

The main part of our wedding will be in two giant tipi's with a mat flooring. Now as someone who is very incompetent when it comes to walking/standing in heels, heels are pretty much ruled out. I'll probably get some to wear for the wedding ceremony because I generally walk with a better posture when wearing heels. A couple of bridal boutiques have recommended that I do wear heels, even if they are very small but it's down to personal choice. I'm compromising with wearing heels for the ceremony, I'm not sure what I'll wear for the reception yet - it's on the to-do list! I might pick something up in America when I go in a couple of weeks, who knows!

Despite never owning a pair of designer heels and I probably never will, it doesn't hurt to look....
Jimmy Choo Sazerac
Jimmy Choo Fayme
Jimmy Choo IvetteJimmy Choo Ivette
Jimmy Choo Ivette £495
Jimmy Choo Gilbert
Jimmy Choo Gilbert
Jimmy Choo Gilbert £360
These are less 'weddingy' but look at them....

Christian Louboutin Jane Vendome Patent Black £595

Christian Louboutin Elisa Glitter Mini £395

Christian Louboutin Wrap Glitter £545
I do like the idea of having really bright shoes on, as a complete contrast...

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron Veau Velours £395

Fingers crossed America has any of these shoes for half the price!

Which are your favourite?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)


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  1. I love the idea of bright shoes too, would be such a nice contrast and that colour is perfect, especially with the red sole! I am awful in big heels and the smaller ones I looked at just looked too clumpy and mumsy. I'm wearing quite a relaxed dress, so I've decided to wear flats (well they do have a tiny little heel I guess) for the whole day xx


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