Monday 7 April 2014

WEDDING: Vegware Disposable Tableware

The current focus for our wedding planning is tableware. Our wedding venue doesn't have enough tableware for our guests so we have been looking at a variety of different options. There is actually quite a variety of options out there, way more than I every imagined - from disposable to hired to bought. Although our menu isn't particularly complicated we seem to need a lot of different tableware, including serving bowls/plates, cutlery, plates, side plates, long thin plates, glass jars etc! We have looked into hiring these but I've found it to be surprisingly expensive, especially if you want to return the tableware dirty (which is really our only option with having a tipi). So we started looking at alternative options, personally we didn't want the typical party paper plates at our wedding as they just aren't sturdy enough and not really in keeping with the rustic theme of our wedding.
Then I came across Palm Leaf disposable tableware* from a website called Vegware, which are rustic looking, cheaper than buying plates and hiring from most places I looked at and are really sturdy! They are also environmentally friendly along with all of these advantages...
Completely compostable
Natural leaves pressed into shape 
Free from chemicals
Microwavable, ovenable, freezable 
Ideal for hot or wet foods

'Areca nuts are harvested for chewing. Fallen leaves are collected, soaked in spring water, heat pressed into shape, then dried. There are no coatings, no additives and no chemicals – just the natural leaf. There are natural variations in the final colour and thickness, as no two leaves are the same! All of them are compostable.
Fallen leaves are a sustainable, easily-renewed material, and producing this tableware provides work for social enterprises in rural India. Most of the production units are small “micro” farms and are often family run.
It is very sturdy, suitable for a huge variety of hot, wet and oily foods. Very liquid foods will be fine for up to 3 hours. They are safe for freezer and microwave use.'
(Extract from the Vegware website about how the Palm Leaf tableware is made).

Consequently they are so versatile. We haven't made any solid decisions yet but we're playing around with the idea of having these for our starter and as the serving platter for the starter. I love the rustic look of these and how each one is slightly different, it adds real character! As you can see from the photo's below there is a wide range of style bowls/plates/serving plates and bowls available at Vegware.

They are generally sold in packs of 25 and 100, so it's perfect for catering for larger occasions like weddings. Prices for a case of 25 start from £7.98 and cases of 100 start from £19.20, reasonably priced and so convenient and they can just be composted after used.

Vegware also sell a wide range of catering products, which can also be ideal for wedding catering. The day after our wedding we are having another 'get together' back at the tipi for everyone to reminisce, share the pain of the inevitable hangovers and embarrassing photographs! We are going to be doing a small selection of food, which we are planning to prepare before we get married but who knows if that will actually be feasible! Vegware sell sandwich platters* and salad boxes* that can be used to transport homemade sandwiches for larger events without using loads of plastic tubs and they can served straight from these containers. Perfect for hassle free entertaining!

If you're interested in trying any of the products available on the Vegware website then they offer a fantastic sample service. You can order samples of their products for free or a small amount of money so you can 'try before you buy'!

Have you considered Palm Leaf disposable tableware?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)


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