Friday 30 May 2014


Very soon Tom and I are going to a Summer Ball, with all of his family, which is very exciting. We haven't been to a 'formal' event since leaving university back in 2011 - the real world we live in doesn't include gowns and posh events. I have been so excited to find the perfect outfit and all of the 'necessary' accessories. After spending almost every evening searching the internet for a dress, I was failing miserably. I had bought some gorgeous heels earlier this month, so I really wanted to wear a midi dress which would show off my new heels (the ones I can barely walk in!) This meant I couldn't look at any maxi dresses and I wouldn't feel comfortable in a mini dress. Although midi length dresses are quite popular at the moment, I found it surprisingly difficult. Long story short - I found a dress! It's white with a textured pattern, which I'm planning on pairing with a coloured blazer, 'those' heels, black skinny belt and a rose gold glittery clutch bag. I have been tempted recently to start wearing 'statement' necklaces, as they are just so effective and an easy way to dress up a simple outfit. The dress I've bought isn't anything too special, so I started another online hunt for a beautiful necklace to wear. Ideally I wanted a rose gold necklace, to match my clutch bag, I started my search on asos.
I came across this beautiful, rose gold necklace that was exactly what I had been looking for. The Orelia Statement Colonial Rose Necklace (RRP £25) had a slight Moroccan feel to it, which I love and the chain wasn't too short. I'm one of those strange people who can't have anything near my neck - tops, necklaces, coats etc. - it makes me feel like I'm suffocating. Casual. As a first 'statement' necklace I really liked how effective yet subtle this necklace was, it's not full of gems or sparkly jewels yet it has enough of a shine and colour to make a statement.
On asos this necklace was reduced to £14, from £25, which *clearly* meant it was to be. But then I decided to google the name of the necklace to see if it was sold anywhere else (as you only get free delivery is your order is over £15 on asos now and the necklace was only £1 away!) I found the Orelia website, which is jammed full of stunning jewellery pieces - you must check it out! I found the Colonial Rose necklace I had fallen in love with on asos and get was reduced to only £6!! It really was meant to be! I hastily added it to the basket, paid the £2.95 delivery charge and waited for this beautiful necklace to arrive.

I received the necklace promptly and it was packaged beautifully. I'm definitely going to consider buying gifts from Orelia and sending them straight to their lucky recipient, it was just look opening a gift to myself. It's those extra details that matter. The necklace was carefully wrapped in beautiful tissue paper, then placed in a tissue paper lined box and then box had branded ribbon around it. £9 very well spent!

Have you come across the Orelia Jewellery brand before?

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