Thursday 8 May 2014

OUTFIT: I'm in Miami Beach...

Just before we went on holiday I went on a rather big shopping spree, I rarely spend much on clothes because I'm always changing sizes so there's often not much point. But I treated myself to a big spree in Primark and H&M just before Easter, so these items should still be in the shops. This midi skirt from H&M was one of my favourite items to wear on holiday, as it covered up areas of my body I'd rather not expose to the world and it was really light so it wasn't too hot!

Spotty Cardigan - H&M - £9.99
 Coral Blouse - Primark - £8
Pale Pink Midi Skirt - H&M - £24.99
Sandals - Primark - £8

Have you been holiday shopping?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)


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  1. Ohhh you look so pretty- and the beach looks beautiful too! Xx

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