Tuesday 20 May 2014

RECIPE: Easy Mini Victoria Sponges

Sometimes you just can't beat a good old classic Victoria sponge! So when it came to thinking of something to bake for Tom's uncles birthday get together at the beach I wanted to keep it simple but I still wanted it to look pretty. I decided on trying to make mini Victoria sponges, my first time attempting mini cakes. I bought a Betty Crocker Victoria Sponge box - one because it's easier and time was against us and two because the Betty Crocker boxes always taste so yummy and require a lot less washing up! For the filling I bought some top quality strawberry jam, it's worth it in a Victoria sponge, and some cream to whip and have oozing out of the sides.

What you'll need:
Betty Crocker Victoria Sponge Box (Eggs, Vegetable Oil and Water in line with the instructions)
Double Cream
Strawberry Jam

What to do:
1) Follow the instructions on the back of the box, it's basically mix all of the ingredients in a bowl until smooth. So easy.

2) Evenly distribute between cupcake cakes, I used an ice-cream scoop to help me get them even. Then bake for approximately 15 minutes on about 180'C. The instructions on the box for cooking aren't correct when you're using the mix for cupcakes, as cupcakes cook a lot quicker. They are ready when they are golden and a knife comes out clean when poked in the middle of a cupcake.

3) Allow the cupcakes to completely cool on a wire rack, then carefully peel off the cupcake cases and discard. Carefully, cut each cupcake in half.

4) Spread strawberry jam and cream on the bottom half and then sandwich together with the top half. Sprinkle with icing sugar and they're ready to enjoy! Serve with fresh strawberries for an extra dose of summer.

^We made some little F1 cars out of icing because Tom's uncle loves F1.^

Are you looking forward to summer baking?

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  1. I love the fact these are mini what a lovely twist on a yummy classic! x


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