Wednesday 11 June 2014

CHILDREN: Woownow £5 Clothing and Accessories Range

After This Morning mentioned a website that was selling clothing for both adults and children for £5 I wanted to know more! Woownow have a wide range of adults clothes and accessories for only £5, which I've posted about here. After spending a while browsing the women's section of the website I noticed that they also sell children's clothes. My niece has just turned one and she is just the cutest! But seeing my sister in law and partner raise her I noticed very quickly just how expensive raising a child is. The amount of clothes/shoes/accessories she gets through is ridiculous, so it's always worth looking out for bargains. We bought a lot of clothes for her from the next and GAP sale but they were still a lot more expensive than the offerings of Woownow. Again, I can't comment on quality etc. as I haven't ordered anything from this website but it's definitely worth looking at if you are wanting reasonably priced children's clothes.

Love, Dream Believe T-shirt



Which is your favourite item from the children's range?

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