Monday 28 July 2014

BEAUTY: Laura Mercier Just Bare Mini Lip Glace Collection

When Space.NK.apothecary had a sale recently, I just had to have a quick browse before heading home from work. With brands like Laura Mercier, ByTerry and Rococo - there were some great bargains to be had.

I picked up this Laura Mercier Just Bare Mini Lip Glace Collection for £12.50, it's the perfect collection if you haven't tried the Laura Mercier Lip Glace's before, which I hadn't. You get a selection of nude shades, just in cute mini sizes.

The shades included are: Bare Naked, Bare Pink, Bare Baby and Bare Beige - a nude for every skin tone and style. I guess that was a slight downfall of this collection, the range of nudes includes brown shades and pink shades. Personally, I'd always go for the pink shades, so the brown shades were slightly wasted on me. Having said that, I did enjoy trying the brown shades and was pleasantly surprised, I still wouldn't choose them but I will wear these ones. Which type of nude do you prefer?

I've been looking for a lovely nude lip gloss to wear on my wedding day but after trying some cheaper brands I just kept being disappointed. The texture of the glosses would be sticky, not pigmented and didn't last any time at all. The Laura Mercier Lip Glace were almost exactly what I was looking for - the texture is creamy not sticky, they're well pigmented, as well as being buildable and they last hours not minutes. My favourite shade is Bare Baby (the second from the left in the photo above). It's pink but not too baby pink, it makes my lips look natural but better, if that makes sense? These lip glace aren't too shiny, so if you like a bit of shine on your lips then I'd recommend layering them with a shinier lip gloss.

All of these shades (except Bare Beige) are available in full size too from Space.NK for around £19.50 each.

Did you pick anything up in the Space.NK sale?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x


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  1. Those lip glosses look gorgeous and I LOVE the photos xxx


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