Wednesday 2 July 2014


Photographs are the ever lasting memories from a wedding day. The things you get out to show your children and then grandchildren. The things you spread across very wall and surface in your house straight after the wedding day. The ever treasured memories that will be spoken about every year as your anniversary comes around. I for one love photographs, not just of weddings but generally. This blog has challenged me to try to improve my own photography, as well as appreciate the importance of good quality photographs.

Recently we met our photograph, who's actually one of Tom's family friends, and spoke about the kind of photographs we would like on our special day. We already knew we didn't want too many staged photographs, neither of us like having our photo taken and we just wanted a lot more natural shots throughout the day. I came home after the meeting and dived straight onto Pinterest to search for beautiful photographs that I'd like to have on our wedding day. Instead of then trying to describe the photographs I found, I thought it would be easier to create a Word document full of inspiration. I'd highly recommend this, as it's the only way to ensure the photographer knows exactly what you'd like.

I thought I'd do a short series of 'photograph inspiration' posts, regarding different aspects of the wedding day and some of the styles photographs that you'll hopefully love too.

The Bride's Edition...
Tuesday Ten: Wedding Photos Every Couple Should Take happy feet
Forget the bride I love the bed! Somewhere like this for a honeymoon!?
Beautiful photo of the bride

Wedding Inspiration | Wedding Photography
Bridal prepetations....the final touches...putting the shoes on.
Wedding portrait of bride from above
Victoria Secret Original Gift Card - My fav of the wedding photos... annalinasd
Wow, what a beautiful photo! A must have wedding photo! bride with veil black and white
What a cute image! Bridesmaids and bride!-- COLORS
Wedding bouquet
Mother Daughter Wedding Photo - Mother of the Bride Photo | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine
A simple moment with the bride...    Photo:  Michelle Gardella Photography
everyone forgets this picture
Father of the Bride Photo. Photo: Jessica Strickland // Featured:
Bride holding a mirror and her Bridesmaids in the mirror! This is too cute
I can imagine this shot'll happen reasonably easily... Might be an idea to bring a pretty tea cup & saucer?
A colour image of a bride's wedding dress being done up
Lovely image of the bride. #dreamwedding #ruchebridal

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