Friday 31 October 2014

BEAUTY: TK Maxx High End Beauty Bargains

We all know how good TK Maxx is for a bargain, ok so sometimes you do feel a bit like your battling through a jumble sale but there are such good bargains to be had. I've never really looked at the TK Maxx website, mainly because I thought that their stock turn over was so high that they wouldn't really have much of a website. I was wrong. Their website is filled with a range of their products, including a fantastic range of discounted high end beauty products. A beauty bloggers haven.

My Top Picks...

Skin Clear Overnight Serum 30ml


  1. I just went to my local TK Maxx today, and oh my their selections are good! I bought the Ecotools Eye Brush Set in this post, but it was only £6.99 in my store! Bargain! That was the only thing I bought but I was tempted by a few palettes which I might even go back to buy. They had the Cargo Suited To a Tea Party Cream Eye Palette which is amazing! It's retailed at £30 but it's only £9.99! They also have Estee Lauder Eye and Lips palettes for £12.99 and best of all...Ciate Advent Calendars for £19.99!

    Kayleigh. x

  2. Love TKMaxx for beauty bargains, it's the only thing I can go in there to look for! xx

  3. Agreed, TK Maxx is great for beauty bargains, I got a great beauty blender type thing for under a fiver and its the best one I've tried!

    Project Rattlebag x


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