Thursday 9 October 2014

WEDDING: Totally Tipi

As you might have noticed in the 'We're married' blog post (see here) we decided to have a tepee as the 'venue' for our wedding. Like a marquee you have to have somewhere to put a tepee, which can be one of the biggest hurdles, especially if you don't have a very big budget. There are farmers that will allow you to rent a field, but then you need to factor in the cost of toilets, generator, catering tent etc. It soon adds up! Tepee companies will also have a list of venues that have worked with in the past who will allow you to put a tepee on their grounds. If you decide to have a tepee you do need a certain level of patience and dedication, but it's really worth it!

Luckily, Tom has played golf at a village golf club in Lincolnshire all of his life, so we were able to organise the tipi to be placed on the practice ground there. When choosing a location you need to ensure that the ground it as flat as possible, which of course anywhere in Lincolnshire is! So, we found a location now to find a tepee company we wanted to have for our wedding. There was an event in Sheffield last summer, a pop up restaurant in a tepee - perfect for actually seeing what a tepee looked like in real life, as well as talking to a tepee company. When we arrived the tepee's were even better than we had ever imagined, they really are magical. The tepee company there was Totally Tipi, we spoke to a couple of their very friendly staff while we were there and just knew that they were the perfect company for us (and for anyone who wants a tepee!). Fast forward a year and a lot of very helpful and friendly emails backwards and forwards, we arrived on the day the tepee's were being set up for our wedding. I'd highly recommend watching the tepee's being put up if you can because it just adds more magic to the whole situation. I can't recommend Totally Tipi enough, the service was constantly impeccable, Laura and Jay (founders) were so friendly and accommodating - nothing was too much hassle. They are such a perfect example of exemplary bespoke customer service. If you're even thinking of having a tepee, for a wedding or any other event, then you must check out their website!

The magic continued on our wedding day, as all of our guests were completely overwhelmed by the tepee's. I'll let you into a little secret, if you have a tepee you can get away with having rustic/minimal decoration inside, as the tepee does all of the 'wowing'. Our wedding was very DIY, we did most of it ourselves and I think that was only possible because the tepees are just so beautiful all by themselves. We had two tepee's attached to each other, in the middle of one we had a dance floor and in the other we had a fire pit (cue roasting marshmallows around the fire at 11pm). Totally Tipi have a lot of extras you can add in to your tepee and compared to other tepee companies they are very reasonably priced too.

Thank you to Totally Tipi for helping to make our wedding day so magical!

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Helen x

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  1. Overall it is a very cool and unique look for a venue, but goodness there really is so much that goes into it.
    Glad it all went well for you and that the guests loved it too!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo


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