Thursday 6 November 2014

BOOKS: Vintage Interior Inspiration

Part of creating a home is making it your own, putting your own touches here and there, as well as incorporating your personal style. I love dreaming about what my 'perfect home' would look like, if money was no object, don't we all? We are buying our own house at the moment and it's a project to say the least. We really wanted a house we could completely make our own, while adding value too. Every room in our house-to-be needs a lot of work, think new carpets, wallpaper, paint, decoration, plastering, whole bathroom, whole kitchen etc. It's going to be a big project but I'm sure it will be so rewarding too.

There are the obvious websites perfect for inspiration but sometimes getting a good interior design book, snuggling down with a cup of steaming hot tea and a roaring fire beats sitting online. I have found two beautiful vintage interior design books, which not only look pretty sitting on your coffee table but are also filled with endless inspiration.
Vintage Home: Stylish ideas and over 50 handmade projects from furniture to decorating by Sarah Moore (£14.39) has such a striking and eye-catching front cover. I love the composition of all of the items, as well as the combination of colours, textures and patterns. That's something that the vintage interior style can do so well - mix up patterns, colours and textures in the most perfect of ways. The author, Sarah Moore, also has a website filled with vintage goodness where you can buy many interior design items.
This book is filled with DIY vintage decoration projects that can really change the design of a room. There are bigger projects and smaller ones, ideal for everyone. This book is perfect to slowly browse through, while noting down the projects you fancy having a go at.
The Vintage Modern Home by Katherine Sorrell (£16.97) is another vintage interior design book I've been enjoying browsing through. This book combines modern touches with the wonders of vintage design beautifully. The book is split up into clear sections, making it a really easy read and easy to use for inspiration. The photography throughout the book is stunning, it's like Pinterest in a book.  
I love having these books sitting on our coffee table, ready to dive into whenever I feel like some interior inspiration. My home interior shopping list is always so long after looking at these books!

Do you know of any good interior inspiration books?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x

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