Wednesday 26 November 2014

MATERNITY: My Staple Style Top during the 2nd Trimester

As my bump gradually grows bigger and bigger (though I know it's still small compared to how big it's going to get) I've been struggling to find anything to wear. At the start of the second trimester I was very much in a middle phase, not big enough for maternity clothes but much too big for my 'normal' clothes. I've grown out of a lot of my clothes now, especially my extensive dress collection that go in at the waist - a no no for pregnancy. As I've been having a lot of back and muscle ache I've definitely been going for comfort over style. Trust me, when you're pregnant being comfortable becomes more important than anything else because, lets be honest, comfort isn't something that occurs very often.
I've been living in those black tube skirts from H&M, they are £3.99 and so comfortable. But I've been struggling with tops that don't require any thought processes - you can just chuck them on and go out. At 6am, when I get up for work, I don't have much time/energy/concentration to be searching through my wardrobe for a top. Hence the mass purchase of Primark long sleeved tops. They are comfortable, a good length and their sleeves are long enough for my monkey arms!

At only £4 each for the patterned ones and £3.50 for the plain ones, they are a bargain and such hassle free. I wear them with the black H&M skirts I have and that's pretty much my recent maternity style. Comfortable and easy.

^All except one have a scoop neckline - perfect for those days of nausea.^

^This is the only one with a higher neckline.^
What did/do you wear during the second trimester?

Feel free to leave me a comment :)

Helen x

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