Wednesday 19 November 2014

WEDDING: Top companies that really made our wedding day!

During the planning process of our wedding we came across so many fantastic companies, brands and products that really added that something special to our wedding day. Our guests loved searching around the tipi for all of the small touches and we had so many compliments for how the tipi looked. It was so lovely and only possible with the brands and products the following companies offer...

Drinkstuff are primarily a catering website that offer the widest range of products for events, catering and drinks. The service is fantastic, always such clear communication and quick delivery. The photographs on their website are also so accurate, which is something we actually found wasn't the case on a lot of other websites. You knew exactly what you were ordering with drinkstuff and it arrived looking exactly as anticipated. Perfect, as wedding planning is stressful at the best of times. We had a wide variety of products from drinkstuff at our wedding, including enamel bowls which had the potatoes in for the main course, large glass drink dispensers which had the cocktails in for the drinks reception, ice scoops and tongs for the sweet area, pale blue Kilner bottles for tap water on the table etc. We couldn't have been happier with the products and the value for money, we struggled to find anyway cheaper for the same level of quality. If you're doing a diy wedding, like ours, then I highly recommend you check out the drinkstuff website. 

This company offer something perfect for an event or just at home. Beanbag Bazaar sell a fantastic range of beanbags, in a range of styles, sizes and colours. We opted for the Bazaar Bag Indoor & Outdoor Giant Bean Bags because we knew they'd be tough and waterproof, which they certainly are. We had always wanted a chill out area in the Tipi's, where guests could sit and relax and just take in the day. After looking into a range of possibilities we settled on the idea of having giant beanbags, as they are so comfortable and you can easily fit two people on one. They also brig out the child in everyone, which is adds a fun aspect to the event. When we recieved the large beanbags we made them up (incredibly easy!) and the put them outside to sit on and enjoy the sun. They are so comfy and can be sat on so many different ways! Tom quickly adopted one as his 'sitting in front of the tv' beanbag and has been loving it ever since. Our guests used the chill out area almost more than any other area, it was lovely to see people relaxing and enjoying themselves. The children loved them too! In fact as a result of seeing the beanbags at our wedding a number of people (adults and children a like!) have added them on to their Christmas lists! A compliment of the biggest kind. 

This was a brand we came across quite late on in our wedding planning. HuggleUp are a brand that offer personalised photo prints in either Polaroid style, framed or magnets. You order through their app, which makes it so easy and quick to do. Although you do have to make sure all of the photos you want to print are either on your smart device, Facebook or Instagram. I made a private album on Facebook for the photos I wanted to print, so that it was quick and easy to do on the app. It's only £12.50 for 22 personalised fridge magnets, which is incredible value for money! I knew I wanted to incorporate these into our wedding somehow but just wasn't sure how. I already had an order of their personalised photo Polaroid prints, which I loved! Then it came to me - we'll give personalised photo magnets as our favours. It's such a personal favour and really doesn't cost much at all. We slipped then just behind our menus, so they were a complete surprise for our guests and they loved them! Everyone wanted to say how much they loved their photo and we've since seen them on a lot of our guests fridges. We used some old photos that were scanned into a computer first and others that were photos of photos. The quality was good for all of them, which really made them special. We used the Polaroid prints on the photo booth photo line, to encourage others to peg their so there too. It worked perfectly! 

(HuggleUp Polaroid prints hanging next to the photo booth)
(we slipped in the photograph magnets just behind the menu - you can just about see it poking out)

Aren't hanging paper lanterns just beautiful? Tepee's have really tall 'ceilings' so we knew we wanted to do something with that space. A popular choice is a disco ball but we felt that that wouldn't really fit in with the theme of our wedding. After searching on good old Pinterest for ideas we fell in love with the idea of having a range of paper lanterns hanging from the ceilings. We came across The Hanging Lantern Company, who sell the widest range of paper lanterns in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. Although we didn't have a colour scheme, we were trying to stick to pastel colours. We settled on white, baby blue and robin egg coloured round paper lanterns. They were just perfect hanging from the ceiling and our guests loved them too! I also love the fact that their website has so much inspiration if you're struggling to envisage what your venue is going to look like.

  Off the Wall sell a range of different sized decals that can be completely personalised for your special event. The excellent thing with decals is that you can peel them off, not in a reusable sense but you can apply them to surfaces that aren't yours (i.e. a venue dance floor) and then just peel them off when you're finished. They leave no residue and add a lovely personalised touch. We had a mini decal on a large glass vase that was filled with marshmallows, next to the log fire.
Which companies help to make your wedding day extra special?

Feel free to leave a comment :)

Helen x


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