Friday 30 January 2015

BEAUTY: Orla Kiely Floating Flowers Wash Bag

Orla Kiely.

What a classic, timeless and chic designer - with ranges of bags, clothes, shoes, paper, home accessories, fragrances and more - the designs are consistently beautiful. I've swooned after so many of these products over the past couple of years but have never really owned any before. So it was a real treat when the Floating Flower Large Wash Bag* (£32) landed on my doorstep a week or so ago.
I'm seriously impressed with the size of this wash bag - it's much bigger than anything I already own. You can fit most 'normal' sized toiletries in the bottom compartment, standing up, resulting in less risk of leakages and being able to fit more in. There are also three zip compartments of varying sizes - ideal for all of those essential beauty items us women seem to pack with us everywhere we go.

One of my favourite features of this beautifully designed wash bag is the hook, which means you can hang it up making it easy to access your toiletries. I don't have a wash bag with this feature and have always been envious of Tom's wash bag with a hook. It's so much easier and saves unpacking all of your toiletries when you go away!

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Helen x

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