Thursday 19 February 2015

HOUSE: Our Bedroom Haul feat. Homebase, IKEA and Old English Company

Our new house is a project and I assigned myself our bedroom as my focus. We still haven't finished it, but it's much further along than the rest of the house. It was a fun, exciting and not too painful journey and now we are living at the house our bedroom is our retreat/sanctuary from the rest of the building site of a house! We took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and decorating blog posts (if anyone has any decorating blog posts then please leave your link below!), so I thought I'd share with you some of the more decorative items we bought. Let's be honest sourcing, finding and buying the decorative items is the best part of decorating a room! 

These photos were all taken on my iPad, as we were setting up our bedroom at night. Hence the 'atmospheric' (poor) lighting. 
We decided to upgrade to a king size bed, with a baby on the way we were told by a number of people that getting a bigger bed was a must. We opted for the LEIRVIK Bedframe from IKEA (£90 for the frame). We also got our mattress from IKEA but I can't remember what it's called, sorry. It was £250, so not too bad for a king size mattress. 

As we changed to a king size bed we then had to get a bigger sized mattress protector. This Silentnight Mattress Protector was from Homebase (£17.99 reduced to £11.99). It's nicely padded on the top, to make our mattress even more comfortable. It's also machine washable, which I'm sure will come in handy when our baby makes an appearance!
We opted for a Home of Style Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheet in White from Homebase (£13.99), again very easy to put on the bed and hasn't creased really easily either which is a bonus! 
As our bedroom is following a grey colour scheme Tom fell in love with this king size NYPONROS duvet cover and pillowcase set from IKEA (£45). It matches our room perfectly, the only slight downside is that because our duvet isn't fro, IKEA the duvet cover is slightly too big. IKEA make king and double beds using the EU sizes, which are slightly bigger than the UK's standard double and king sizes. So unless you buy everything from IKEA there will be some slight size difference. The next duvet cover set we buy won't be from IKEA, just so hat it fits properly. 
I had been looking and looking for a king size duvet but they were just so expensive, even places like TK Maxx we're selling them for over £50. I had also originally wanted an 'all seasons' duvet set, so that you get two duvets (one lighter for summer and one thicker for winter) but that made them even more expensive. Tom had really wanted a Duck and Down duvet, since staying in a B&B with one. So when I spotted this King Size 10.5 Tog Duck and Down duvet in the sale at Sainsburys I knew Tom would love it. It was originally around the £70 mark I think. It had been reduced to £39.99 and then when I scanned it at the till it came up at £30! Such a bargain for the quality and size.
I bought these two pillowcases (£25) for Tom's birthday, after seeing them on Zoella's blog. They're from a company called Old English Company and I just think they are such a cute edition to our bedroom. 
This throw is from Primark and I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it looks similar to a number of MUCH more expensive throws I had been eyeing up and it was only £10! It's a really decent size, soft to touch and is a grey/green/cream colour combination. It adds a subtle bit of colour into our bedroom. 
As part of our rather large Homebase haul we also picked up these Angled Desk Lamps in Soft Grey for £15 each in the sale (they are still in stock in some stores). I love the slight industrial design to them and the fact that you can direct where the light goes. We both have one on our bedside tables. 
Tom bought me this cute knitted grey hot water bottle for Christmas and it matches our colour scheme perfectly. It was from eBay for around £6, so a real bargain too. Our house doesn't have any heating at the moment, so it will definitely come in handy! 

Where would you recommend getting decorative items from for bedrooms?

Feel free to leave me a comment :) 

Helen x


  1. It looks lovely, love the colour scheme.
    I really want that IKEA bed but Spencer likes a solid headboard so wouldn't let me get it when we got a new bed :(
    For home decor I usually go to IKEA, Dunelm Mill, Primark, The Range and Wilko, all cheap & very cheerful :)

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

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