Sunday 8 March 2015

PREGNANCY: 30 Things To Do Before Your Baby Arrives

So we've just passed the 1 month countdown and it's all starting to feel very real. I've not been a particularly emotion pregnant women but my emotions have been very confused, I just don't know how to feel about certain things. One minute I literally cannot wait to meet our daughter, the next minute I'm so scared about handling a newborn baby, the next minute I'm worrying about all the things we still need to get and so it goes on. I'm pretty sure this is normal, as becoming a parent for the first time is an unknown entity and with anything unknown comes excitement, fear, worry and every other emotion in between.

Hitting the 1 month countdown has made me think about the things I really want to do before the little one arrives because once she's here there's no going back to life as just a couple. I've put together a list of 30 things that I really want to do before I give birth, some pretty mundane things, others a bit more exciting. These are 30 ways (in no particular order) to make the most of life without a child, without responsibility, while preparing for your little arrival. If you're currently pregnant I hope you can use some, if not all, as inspiration for spending your last couple of months pregnant...

1) Get a pregnancy massage or beauty treatment.
2) Paint your nails. Lots of times.
3) Enjoy having a hot drink, hot.

4) Spend a long weekend away with your partner/husband.
5) Watch your favourite films, all the way through.
6) Go for dinner dates at those restaurants reserved for special occasions.
7) Enjoy every lie in you get.

8) Buy loads of trashy magazines and enjoy reading them.
9) Go shopping without it being a military operation.
10) Have loads of long, relaxing baths with LUSH bath bombs in.
11) Spend quality time with family and friends.
12) Visit that cafĂ©/museum/restaurant/art gallery/cute town you've always wanted to but never got around to.

13) Cook a special meal for you both, then enjoy by candle light at home.
14) Go for a countryside walk, just the two of you.
15) Sort out your wardrobe - will you really be wearing that sequin number from 2008 again?
16) Wash all of the babies clothes, something I personally can't wait to do.
17) Light candles around the house before they become a dangerous home accessory.
18) Value the space you have in your bed, soon there will be a little one in there too.
19) Bake chocolate based goodies.

20) Sort out any niggling jobs you've meant to do for ages, but haven't.
21) Decorate the nursery together.
22) Set up an online food shopping account and trial it.
23) Appreciate silence.
24) Read a book.
25) Go to the cinema/theatre together.
26) Have breakfast in bed at the weekends, just because you can.
27) Find the best concealer for you and stock up, dark circles here we come.
28) Print photographs of you as a couple and put them into a photo album.
29) Create special tokens of love ready to give your partner/husband once the baby has arrived.
30) Make a pregnancy scrap book/photo album.

I'll update you nearer to my due date to see how many of these I achieved. I'd love to know if your planning on doing any of these too!

Feel free to leave me a comment below :)

Helen x


  1. I washed all the teeny baby clothes and blankets this week and couldn't believe how exciting it felt!

    I'm a wee bit behind you - roughly five weeks to go - but I've got the mixed emotions, too. I'm enjoying a lot of being pregnant and I'm enjoying the closeness between my partner and me as we do the last minute preparations but, at the same time, there's a tiny human inside me who is wriggling around, making its presence known and I can hardly wait to meet him/her. I've not been particularly emotional over all but, the other day, I found myself imagining the look on Steve's face when he first holds the baby and the moment when he tells me if it's a boy or a girl and I got a little teary - it's starting to hit me just how huge the leap from couple to family is going to be.

  2. Wow it certainly sounds like you know what is coming your way, these sound like you're speaking from experience hun!! All sound fab and I hope you get to do them all. Eeek 1 month to go!! xx

  3. I agree, I seem to be feeling every emotion possible. Such a great list of things to do, I certainly have been doing a lot of these and making the most of my free time whilst I have it. great post!! xx


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