Thursday 19 March 2015

REVIEW: bravado Designs Nursing and Maternity Bras - serious comfort!

As my due date quickly approaches I've been looking at the practical items I'm going to need after birth because I can't imagine I'll have a lot of free time after! If you're planning to breastfeed, like me, then one item that is really important is a good nursing bra. It needs to be supportive, comfortable, easy to use and not make you feel 'frumpy'. I have been trying/looking at a variety of cheap nursing bras, but I was struggling to find anything that did all of these things. After talking to a number of new Mummy's there was a brand that kept being recommended to me - bravado! Designs. 
Bravado! Designs have a wide range of different style nursing bras and nursing clothing items, all with the aim of providing comfort, support and style. Exactly what any new Mummy needs from a nursing bra.
The bravado! Designs Signature Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra* (£30) is available in ivory, black, pink ice, latte and butterscotch, making it ideal with a wide variety of outfits. Something that stood out straight away was the size of the straps, too many nursing bras have these horrible REALLY thick straps that make wearing a vest top in the summer almost impossible. This bra has straps that are much closer in size to a non nursing bra - hello strapy vest tops this summer! 

I have struggled with finding a nursing bra that is comfortable. One that doesn't dig into my back or create an overspill or provides just the right amount of padding. This bra has solved all of these issues and more - you know when you try something on and you have an epiphany? Like 'Oh this is what people mean when they recommend getting a well fitting bra - it really does make such a difference'! Well, I had one of these epiphanieswhen I tried this bra on and now plan to order it in ivory too.  
The back strap is a really good size, which only adds to the comfort. As someone who is quite small chested I really like the slight padding this bra has. I'm used to well padded bras, so wearing bras with little or no padding has made me feel rather naked! A bit of padding in a nursing bra makes all the difference. 
The bravado! Designs Essential Embrace Nursing Bra* (£34) is a more basic, easy to wear nursing bra. There is no padding, which for me makes it slightly less appealing. Having said that I was surprised at how secure and covered up I felt without any padding. My personal preference is still a small amount of padding, like the bravado! Designs Signature Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. 
I've been wearing nursing bras throughout the last months of pregnancy, mainly to find ones that are comfortable and easy to use, but also to get some practise of undoing and doing up the nursing aspect of the bra. Both these bravado! bras are really easy to work one handed and the design is high quality, unlike some that feel like they are going to snap at any moment!
Again, the straps aren't as thick as some nursing bras I've seen, making this bra very wearable over the up and coming summer months. The back straps aren't quite as thick as the body silk seamless bra, but the bra extender kit (the bra comes with) means you can extend the bra during pregnancy and then reduce the size as and when is needed. To receive the bra extender kit as part of buying the bra is impressive, as too often you have to purchase these kind of things separately. 
bravado! Designs have a wide range of other nursing/maternity bras, so why not go and check them out?!

What did/do you look for in a nursing bra? 

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  1. Ooh, good recommendation! I hate the thick straps too and also need a bit of padding. My problem is my budget - I don't really want to pay more than £20 per bra...

    1. The bravado! Designs bras are incredibly comfortable - I've had a look around and you can get some of their nursing bra styles for nearer to the £20 mark. Here's a link I hope you find helpful...

      Helen x


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