Friday 10 April 2015

PREGNANCY: Q and A about my experience

I thought I'd do a little Q&A about my pregnancy, as I always enjoy reading about other people's pregnancy experiences. I've put together some questions and if you want to answer them too then feel free to - I'd love to read your responses if you do :)
Had any cravings?
 Not to the level I thought I would - I really thought I'd be sending my husband out in the middle of the night for some food I just couldn't live without! It's not been like that at all, there have been some foods I've eaten more of but certainly not massively craved. I've eaten a lot more cereal, fountain diet coke/diet pepsi, avocado (though it did become my demon food during the morning sickness time of pregnancy - if someone even said the word I would wretch), jacket potatoes and chocolate.
Have you got any stretch marks?
I didn't for so long and I really thought I wasn't going to get any but then around 34 weeks I started getting them around my hips and bottom of my tummy. There are now quite a lot on the bottom of my tummy but as I've been strictly applying stretch mark oil/butters their appearance has already started to become less red.
Describe pregnancy in three words.
Exciting. Challenging. Incredible. 
When did you first feel your baby move?
I first felt a little kick at 19 weeks, it was really low down and you had to press quite hard to feel it. It took about a week for my husband to feel a kick. It was around week 30 weeks when I first felt a body part move under my skin. Since then it's not really been kicks but more movements, as she twists and turns.
Did you suffer from morning sickness?
I did, it was more nausea than sickenss, though I was sick about 10 times. It started around week 8 and the worst was over by week 15. I didn't get it as bad as other women I know but it did feel pretty bad at the time, the simpliest activity became a sensory challenge. 
What's been the best thing about being pregnant?
Feeling our baby move and feeling her move together. I love it when we both have our hands on my bump and she kicks us - such a bonding experience. 
What's been the worst thing about being pregnant?
Morning sickness, without a doubt. The worry is quite hard too - pregnancy is incredible but doesn't always run smoothly, so worrying has been a big part of this pregnancy too. 
Which food/drink have you missed the most?
I've missed coleslaw and Mr Whippy ice creams SO MUCH. I wouldn't even usually have a Mr Whippy ice cream throughout the winter months but because I couldn't I really wanted one. My first meal once I've given birth will be a jacket potato with cheese and coleslaw - I can't tell you how excited I am about it! 
Anything you wish you had done during your pregnancy?
Take pictures of my growing bump every week.
Is the nursery ready?
After moving to our new house, ripping out the kitchen and bathroom, meant I really thought we wouldn't have a nursery for a very long time. But after my nesting instinct kicked in I really wanted to get it ready and organised. So we gave in and paid someone to come and decorate it for us, which I'm so happy about! I then spent the first couple of weeks of maternity leave sorting it all out.  
How have you been preparing for your baby's arrival?
 Washing all of her clothes, sorting them, making up the nursery furniture, putting up the Shnuggle basket, reading baby books, researching breastfeeding, cleaning and getting as much sleep as possible!
When did you start maternity leave?
After a lot of deliboration I started at 37 weeks, which was the latest I could have managed. I was just getting so tired and my hour drive to work was getting too much. It was so hard to decide when to go on maternity leave, as I had no idea how I'd feel later in pregnancy. I'm glad I went at 37 weeks, though my midwife said I had worked really late into my pregnancy. I didn't want too much free time before the baby arrived, as I know what I'm like and I get bored easily.
What are your top 5 pregnancy products?
Theraline Original Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow
 Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Anti-Stretch Butter 
Yoga Ball
Tetley Decaffinated Tea Bags
 Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil - used as a massage oil
  Have you written a birth plan?
We have written a birth plan as there are some things we would like to happen during labour and there are certain types of painrelief I really don't want to have. I know that birth plans can go out of the window very quickly but as someone who likes to make plans I wanted to have some level of a plan. We've only written bullet points, highlighting the key parts we want/don't want - nothing elaborate. 
Which was your favourite trimester and why?
This is a tough one - my instant reaction is the second trimester. You finally have the bump you've wanted, it's generally not uncomfortable and the dreaded morning sickness has gone. But then the third trimester is exciting because we have been preparing the nursery, her clothes and ourselves for her arrival. Her arrival will happen during the third trimester, so I'm not sure which is better - second or third.

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  1. I was the same with stretch marks - I made it to week 36 and was starting to feel a little smug and then BAM! one morning I woke up with purple sunbeams all over the bottom of my belly. On the plus side, it was the same morning I woke up to find the baby had moved off my hip and my pains all got a little easier to deal with so... win some, lose some!

    Looking forward to hearing about your life as a mother - and congratulations again. x

  2. This is a great post. I may have to steal your questions and do a post too if thats ok? Of course I will link to your blog if I do. xxx

    1. Of course that's ok - I'd love to read your responses :)

      Helen x


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